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SIAMESE - Frequently Asked Questions?

Where were the origins of the Siamese?

We know for sure that the Siamese cat was the Royal Cat of Siam a country which of course now is referred to as Thailand but the breeds actual origins within Thailand are not that well documented but it seems they were kept in association with royalty and priests.

As is often the case with animals with this sort of background the cat was so highly regarded within Thailand that over the centuries very few ever arrived in the outside world. They first reached the publics attention in London at an exhibition at the Crystal Palace in 1871. Following this publicity there was immediate demand for the breed and it then became established in the UK. The Siamese cat gained great favour with the cat owning public and today of course it can be found all over the world.

What are the characteristics of a Siamese?

The Siamese cat is an intelligent, people friendly cat that loves human companionship and will form a close bond very quickly whether as a lap warmer or a toy chaser. They are both friendly and inquisitive, and like nothing better than to get involved with everything you are doing, like sitting in the middle of the paper when you are trying to read or constantly talking to you when your favourite programme is on TV. They actually talk to you in such an emotional, affectionate and conversational way you may find yourself answering them...

With their calm temperaments, they can easily adapt to life in almost any environment. They do have their quiet moments but in general enjoy many different activities, they love to chase feathery toys as much as they love to curl up on your lap for forty winks...

Are Siamese outdoor cats?

No, no, no, no. As with most other Siamese breeders we will only sell kittens to you after you have signed a contract stating that they will be indoor-only cats, permitted outdoors only on a leash or in a cat secure garden environment. There are just too many outdoor cats that end up as traffic fatalities, or that are attacked by other animals and are severely injured.

As a responsible Breeder we are very concerned with the welfare of all of our kittens and will take every opportunity to ensure that the kittens are going to good homes where they will be well cared for. Our kittens have never been exposed to the outside world so they never miss it.

Do Siamese have any peculiar habits?

Ask most breeders and they will tell you that the most distinct trait of a Siamese cat is its voice. The Siamese can be extremely loud, we find it part of its charm and quite endearing but agree that it can sometimes sound like your cat is in some sort of discomfort, when in reality its just attention seeking. Whilst most are constant chatterboxes others don't talk unless they have something important to say like "is it dinner time yet?" will know from the outset whether you have a chatterbox or a quieter one as they display their vocal traits as a kitten. A gentle warning if you leave the room...they, like a lot of other breeds like to be up high, and can often be found on the top of bookcases or the corner cupboard, so if you come back from making a cuppa and the sofa is now empty...scan the room at high level. So it might be time to put your family heir looms in the loft if you take on a Siamese.

What Colours are Siamese?

It is the pointing gene that will dictate the distinct colours that the Siamese kitten has. The gene is considered recessive as two pointed parents will always produce pointed kittens.

The Siamese kitten is pure white at birth; the pointing gene that produces the "points" on the face, paws, and tail is heat sensitive, gradually the colour point will develop on cooler parts of the body. We take every care to maintain a constant temperature environment for the kittens in order to assist with the colour point development of the kittens.

Our kitten gallery will hopefully act as our photo diary that illustrates this trait.

You will see from our photos that our Queen, Mia had a much darker body colour than her kittens, though there was still a good deal of contrast between her colour points and her body colour...chocolate points and lilac points don't darken as quickly as seal points. The Siamese comes in a varied choice of colours...

Do Siamese get on with other pets?

Siamese do not really require that much grooming as they are short-haired and able to keep themselves clean and well-groomed.

But in our experience they still enjoy the sensation of being brushed or combed, and this is a good way to remove excess fur and keep it from ending up on your clothes or your furniture; but its fair to say that Siamese do not shed excessively.

Scratchposts are provided around our house but it is still necessary to trim their claws about every three weeks.

It is also important that their eyes are kept clean; as part of a daily grooming regime we use cotton wool and warm sterilised water to gently wipe and clean their eyes, remember to wipe from the inside of the eye to the outer and use clean pads for each eye.

Our Siamese also have their teeth cleaned every day; it keeps their breath fresh and helps prevent tartar build up.