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Marys Kittens...

“The HOGWARTS Litter”

Mary started in labour at around 12.30 pm on the 15th March 2018.

Her contractions started at 2.30 pm, Mary coped really well and did wonderfully well in delivering five beautiful kittens between 5.00pm and 7.00pm despite three of them being breach.

She was mothering them all immediately and did a lovely clean up job; the kittens were all keen to find Mums milk bank, some were better at it than others, but it wasn’t long before they were all settled with their sleepy Mum.

Daintipawz Moaning Myrtle: aka “Myrtle” - Chocolate Tortie Oriental Girl born at 5.00 pm, 15th March, 2018, weighing in at 104g

Daintipawz Bellatrix LeStrange: aka “Trixie” - Havana Oriental Girl born at 5.20 pm, 15th March, 2018, weighing in at 107g

Daintipawz Ron Weasley aka “Ron” - Red Oriental Boy born at 6.11 pm, 15th March, 2018, weighing in at 108g

Daintipawz Rita Skeeter: aka “Rita” - Chocolate Tortie Oriental Girl born at 6.39 pm, 15th March, 2018, weighing in at 103g

Daintipawz Hermione Granger aka “Hermione” - Havana Oriental Girl born at 6.59 pm, 15th March, 2018, weighing in at 106g


Updates on the kittens from this litter now they are all in their forever homes can be found on the Extended Family page

HERMIONE - booked for Laura

MYRTLE - booked for Lizzie

RITA - booked by Sophie

RON - booked for Chris

TRIXIE - booked for Katrina

“Hope you like the pix”

9th June 2018

Hi all; we are all in our last few days, or even hours in the Daintipawz household. Trixie will be going home today and the rest of us over the next couple of days.

We all had our second vaccs and final check up at the vets the other day; we travelled in style in our “push chair”.

They thought we were all a lovely size and so well behaved, I topped the scales at 1900g, the girls were all around 1450g.

We are hoping our new families will keep you all up to date with our progress and send a few photos now and then, they will be posted on the “Extended Family” page when they do.

Thanks for all your well wishes and lovely comments over the last few months - Bye For Now…

24th May

Hi all; apologies it has been so long since we posted but even us kittens have trouble with the TECH’ now and then…

We are growing by the hour and everything we eat turns us into a bundle of energy, we can start at 4.00 am and not finish till 11.00 pm; we do have a few kitten naps in between, but when we are awake we are non-stop.

There are lots of toys, climbers and tunnels for us to play with but our favourite is a bunch of bootlaces all tied together in different ways, it means we can all play with them at the same time…we love it. They don’t leave us alone with it though!

We went for our first vaccinations last week and were all really good, the only one of us to whinge at all was me (Ron). We all had a health check to and everything was just as it should be.

Todays weigh in - Ron 1443g, Hermione 1176g, Rita 1152g, Myrtle 1142g and Trixie 1092g. Hope you like the pix…

5th May

Hi all; after Trixie met her new family last week, Rita and Myrtle have met their new families this week and I (Ron) have the chance to meet mine over the weekend, then Hermione will meet hers next week; so we will hopefully be able to say we are all sorted soon.

There has had to be a change in climber layout in our room as there was nothing we could no longer reach and one of us, won’t say who it was managed to dismantle the blinds.

We are told that for our age we are the most confident climbers they have ever seen? Nothing seems to be out of reach.

At todays weigh-in I (Ron) was 907g, Hermione was 794g, Rita was 780g, Myrtle was 771g and Trixie was 752g.

Our photo session took place on their bed, all good fun, hope you like the results…

29th April

Hi all; busy week, playful too. We now have a couple of climbers in our room as well as the tunnels, scratchers and toys…they actually find it difficult to spot us straight away when they come in to the room as there is so much in there for us to play with.

Trixie and Myrtle got to meet their new  mums and Dads this weekend; they will both be doted on. Hermione and I (Ron) will meet ours over the next week or so, but Rita has been let down a couple of times now through no fault of her own, we are all sure the right family will come along for her soon, I know she is my sister but she is a little stunner and so playful.

We are all now weaned; though we do still like a suckle when Mum Mary will allow  us to; it’s more of a comfort than a necessity for more food.

At this mornings weigh I (Ron) still top the charts at 791g, Hermione was 736g, Rita 709g, Myrtle 662g and Trixie was 628g.

Hope you like the colourful pix - we really had fun taking them

21st April

Hi everyone; we continued to explore the house this week and have spent time in the lounge with a whole new  range of toys and tunnels; we get to climb too! It certainly wears us out and builds up our appetite. I wouldn’t say we were weaned yet as we still seek to sit at Mums milk bar when the opportunity arises…but we have to admire their patience with us when they are trying to get us to eat.

You will see that this weeks pix were all taken in the lounge and how well our colours compliment the décor; you could be forgiven for thinking that they had planned it? Hope you like them.

Today we are 37 days old and at this mornings weigh-in I (Ron) still top the charts at 643g, Hermione was 597g,Rita was 577g, Myrtle was 553g and Trixie is catching us all up as she now weighs 524g.

Should also mention that they bought us some new toys, tunnels and scratchers the other day; we all played more with the cardboard box they came in!

15th April

Hi all; as we thought the kittening pen has been taken away as we were literally climbing the walls; we have the run of the kittening room. It’s great fun, we have lots of toys, scratchers, tunnels and balls so we can wear ourselves out in next to no time.

Mum is still providing for us but we have started the weaning process; what a messy business that is! Some of us have taken to it better than others. Trixie and myself (Ron) are finding it more enjoyable than the others; they have eaten but not really under their own steam…

We are all lapping water now and are using the litter trays, though Mum still insists on providing some help to us, we don’t really need it but we don’t want to upset her.

This mornings weigh in sees me (Ron) at the top of the board at 571g, Rita and Hermione are both 522g, Myrtle was 495g and Trixie was 418g, so as a litter we have passed the 2.5kg mark.

This weeks photos are  a bit more sparce than usual as we were proving to be a bit of a handful and didn’t really want to sit still; but we hope you like them.

7th April

Hi all; firstly we need to commend Rita for all her “firsts” this week - she was first to climb out of the kittening box, first to go beyond the boundary of the kittening pen and first to lap water…the kittening box has now been taken away and we are all getting around the pen, when the door is taken off we all get out and about around the kittening room and explore everywhere we can - Who would have thought it would be so tiring.

We have all been having a good sniff around Mums food dish too; we will begin our weaning process over the next week; we are a 3kg litter already so as soon as we start with the weaning paste we will put on a few more grammes I’m sure.

At this mornings weigh-in Hermionie topped the scales at 443g, I (Ron) was just a few behind on 439g, Rita was 416g, Myrtle was 384g and Trixie was 332g.

We hope you like the “Baked With Love” pix…

1st April

Happy Easter. It’s a beautiful sunny blue sky day…Mum had us all awake bright and early; think she wanted her brekkie, which is a good thing, because as soon as she has been fed it is our turn.

At this mornings weigh in, Hermione topped the scales at 361g, I (Ron) was a few behind at 350g, Rita was 332g, Myrtle was 323g and li’l’ Trixie was 251g.

We are all exploring the extents of our kittening box now, so won’t be long before we are out of it and will have the run of the kittening pen. We are taking notice of “them” coming in to the room and we all now allow ourselves to be fussed without shouting for Mum.

Being so lively we made it quite difficult for them to take the Easter Pix as we were faster than the camera shutter and made it out of shot or turned into a blur before they could press the button. To get the 40 or so photos you can see in the gallery they must have taken 240. Hope you like them…

24th March

Hi all, we are all doing well, eyes are open, cords have gone and our appetite grows, Mum is keeping up with demand though.

We are all very cuddly and at times when we are sleeping it’s hard to work out whose legs belong to who with all the others that is, not me…

You may have noticed that there has been some Hogwarts magic taking place; as a spell was put on Harry and he is now a she and is now known as Hermione.

At this mornings weigh-in Hermione topped the charts at 246g, I (Ron) was 226g, Rita was 217g, Myrtle was 214g and Trixie was 167g…so collectively we are now a 1kg + litter.

We hope you like this weeks pix from the photo-shoot; there are some really good ones in amongst the gallery…bye for now.


17th March

Hi all, thank-you to everyone that has posted a “welcome” to all of us on Facebook; you have posted some lovely comments.

As the biggest born it falls to me Ron to be spokes-kitten for the litter, so I will do my best to keep you all up to date on our progress.

Firstly, Mum Mary has been brilliant we are so demanding of her but she is taking it all in her stride and putting us all first before her own needs. As a FIVE feeding time is a bit hectic with us all clambering and climbing over and under each other to get to the best of the milk bar, it is chaotic for the first five minutes, but as soon as we get sorted, the picture suddenly becomes perfect (see the pix).

Having had a weigh in this morning, we have all gained from yesterday, some more than others. We hope you like the pix…