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Karan’s Kittens...


Karan started in labour at around 6.00 pm on the 21st October, 2017.

Karan went to the kittening room around 6pm knowing she was ready to deliver.

Just over an hour later she had delivered her first kitten, a havana girl.

By 9.30pm she had delivered her five kittens and was getting to grips with what had just happened and began to give them a clean up and declare the “milk bar” open…

Daintipawz Twilight Sparkle aka “Twiggy” - Havana Oriental girl, born at 7.13 pm, 21st October 2017, weighing in at  89g

Daintipawz Shining Armor aka “Armie” - Lilac Oriental boy, born at 7.25 pm, 21st October 2017, weighing in at 104g

Daintipawz Rainbow Dash aka “Raine” - Havana Oriental girl, born at 7.57 pm, 21st October 2017, weighing in at  100g

Daintipawz Big Macintosh aka “Mac” - Siamese boy, born at 8.07 pm, 21st October 2017, weighing in at  105g

Daintipawz Starlight Glimmer aka “Star” - Siamese girl, born at 9.25 pm, 21st October 2017, weighing in at  101g


January 2018

We are now all happily settled in to our new homes and having a lovely time. We will be handing our Daintipawz Kittens baton over to Grandma Mary’s next litter that are due in March - WATCH THIS SPACE…

To keep up to date on our progress in our new homes please visit the Extended Family page.

28th December 2017

Hi all, we hope you have had a great xmas.

We all went for our first vaccinations yesterday; the girls were really good, but me (Mac) and Armie had a little cry…

I had some good news; the vet was really pleased with the way my eye was doing; I don’t have much in the way of vision through it other than light and shade but it isn’t causing me any pain, so paws crossed.

During our visit we had a weigh-in: I (Mac) was 840g, Twiggy was 1060g, Star was 1160g, Raine was 1200g and Armie topped the scales at 1240g.

We have been given some new toys; pom poms, furry mice, crinkly balls etc; some of us are more vocal than others when we are playing with them, or should I say when we are protecting them - there are lots of growls, you could think we were puppies not kittens if you could only hear us and not see us.

Another few weeks and if all goes to plan we will be in our forever homes…

10th December 2017

Hello everyone, wow what a busy few weeks it has been, especially for me (Mac). Some of you will know if you have been following on us on Facebook that I suffered a bad trauma to my eye…When we were clambering for food at Mums Feeding Station a few weeks ago, one of my siblings accidentally stuck their sharp claws deep in to my eye. Despite a number of treatments at the vet and at home I have lost my sight in that eye; I may have to have an operation on it in a few months when I am a little stronger.

On a more positive note my siblings are all doing well; Armie has been booked by Candy, Twiggy has been booked by Troy, Star has been booked by John and Jackie and Raine is on hold for Karen who will be visiting next week.

We all enjoy lots of playtime and have a couple of climbers and plenty of toys - my siblings are a little bit quicker than me and they are a bit more accurate when it comes to negotiating obstacles; I have ran in to a few things to date with being blindsided, but this doesn’t stop me doing anything that the others are doing and I still love a play fight.

We are all now weaned, though Mum still allows us a 5 minute suckle from time to time.

At this mornings weigh in Raine was 833g, Armie was 811g, Star was 794g, Twiggy was the smallest at 708g and I (Mac) was just 2g ahead of her at 710g.

Hope you like the photos from our session the other day…

7th November 2017

Hi all, we are doing really well thanks for asking. We have all found our feet and are now sitting up and paying full attention when anyone walks in to the room.

We all love each others warm and comfort and can now enjoy feeding time without squabbling, once fed we all snuggle up together; usually it is me (Mac), Twiggy, Raine and Armie lay together with Star lay on top of us all, with all four limbs stretched out and her head pointed forward she actually looks like a star when viewed from above.

Star is now the biggest too, she weighed in at 292g this morning, closely followed by yours truly(Mac) at 280g, Armie was 276g, Raine was 270g and little Twiggy was 257g.

29th October 2017

Can you believe it, we have been here over a week already…

Thanks so much for all the interest you have shown in wanting to get to know us.

Sorry, I should have introduced myself; I am Daintipawz Big Macintosh, but you can call me Mac…as I am the biggest I have been given the role of litter spokeskitten and am looking forward to keeping you up to date on our progress.

Where shall I start? All cords have gone, we have all now opened our eyes and we never leave the “Milk Bar”!

Mum is so patient with us though she is a bit rough when it comes to grooming time, which happens at least once an hour.

We had our photos taken earlier for Halloween, hope you like them.

At todays weigh-in: I (Mac) was 192g, Star was 190g, Armie was 186g, Raine was 185g and little Twiggy was a fine 163g; she is so leggy, she will be so sleek and slender…

21st October 2017

We’ve arrived…

Twilight Sparkle - “TWIGGY”

Shining Armour - “ARMIE”

Big Macintosh - “MAC”

Rainbow Dash - “RAINE”

Starlight Glimmer - “STAR”

Living with Troy and now known as BELLA

Now living with Candy and Steve and now known as BEERUS

Now living with Karen and family and now known as FLO

Now living with Simon, Jennifer, Aoife and Jemima and still known as MAC

Now living with John and Jackie and now known as TARA