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“Kittens Make The World Go Round”

Cindys Kittens...

“The Hanna Barbera Litter”

The Hanna Barbera Litter arrived on the 8th September 2017, five of them...

Cindy started in labour around 7pm on the 7th September and had her first kitten at 6.20am on the 8th September, second at 6.45 am, third at 7.10 am, fourth at 7.26am and fifth came at 7.50am

The litter were made up of 4 boys and 1 girl:

"Daintipawz Peter Perfect" - 83g - boy

"Daintipawz Penelope Pitstop” - 65g - girl

"Daintipawz Benny The Ball” - 69g - boy

"Daintipawz Boo Boo Bear” - 87g - boy

"Daintipawz Rus Ruffcut” - 89g - boy



17th September 2017

Hi all, thanks for all the lovely messages for me (Rufus) and my siblings; Penelope, Peter, Benny and Boo Boo. We are all doing well and growing at a good rate, we have all now more than doubled our birth weights, so Mums Milk Bar is doing a wonderful job at the moment. Mum is very attentive and doesn’t move far from our sides, she even insists on being fed herself in the kittening box, though she does venture out for a good drink and a few crunchy biscuits from time to time. We have all now lost our cords and we all have our eyes open too. Our hearing has started working too as we can now hear the comings and goings throughout the day. I think we will be a competitive bunch if meal times are anything to go by, as none of us tread carefully when seeking out our favourite milk source, we can squabble over the same milk source for ages, it is usually until one of us is worn out and gives up and takes up 40 winks whilst waiting for the next sitting. Most of us have now started exploring the four walls of the kittening box, another week or so and I think “they” will need to be changing it soon in order to keep us all within Mums reach.

We  have had a photo session the other day so hope you like the photos and the video of us at dinner time…

10th September 2017

Hi everyone, it’s Rufus Ruffcut here, spokeskitten for the Daintipawz Hanna Barbera Litter; you may be wondering why the litter have been given the name? Our Mum, Cindy is Merryboo Cindy Bear of Daintipawz….Cindy Bear is a Hanna Barbera character too.

We are all doing well at the moment, Mum is attentive and doing her very best to provide all the meals we need, she is doing well as the 5 of us can make a bit of a racket when we are hungry. We are very competitive when it comes to getting to the source of the food too.

We have had a weigh in this morning and tipped the scales as follows: Peter 111g, Penelope 103g, Benny 117g, Boo Boo 118g and Rufus 116g,

It was our first real photo session too, not sure any of us have got our posing quite right just yet, but we will work on it - hope you like the pix….

Peter Perfect

Penelope Pitstop

Benny The Ball

Boo Boo Bear

Rufus Ruffcut

Cindy & the Hanna Barberas

If you would like to express an interest in available kittens from this  litter then please contact us by e-mail or use the form on the Contact Us page.

Please Note: we do not take any deposits for kittens until after they have been viewed when they are 7-8 weeks old.

RUFUS (Hands Up) and PETER having a bit of a snooze and a snore…