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“Kittens Make The World Go Round”

Cindys Kittens...

“The Hanna Barbera Litter”

The Hanna Barbera Litter arrived on the 8th September 2017, five of them...

Cindy started in labour around 7pm on the 7th September and had her first kitten at 6.20am on the 8th September, second at 6.45 am, third at 7.10 am, fourth at 7.26am and fifth came at 7.50am

The litter were made up of 4 boys and 1 girl:

"Daintipawz Peter Perfect" - 83g - boy

"Daintipawz Penelope Pitstop” - 65g - girl

"Daintipawz Benny The Ball” - 69g - boy

"Daintipawz Boo Boo Bear” - 87g - boy

"Daintipawz Rufus Ruffcut” - 89g - boy



10th December

Hi everyone, just to let you know we are now all safe and sound in our Forever Homes with our new families.

We are all so very happy to be with such lovely people; they are all pleased that we are with them too. Hopefully, they will send our Daintipawz family updates and photos on a regular basis - when they do you will be able to see our progress on the Extended Family page.

Benny is with Marion and Bob, Penelope (now known as Tiggy) is with Sam, Francois, Theo and Eve, Boo Boo (now known as Freddie) is with Sam and Robbie and Peter and I (Rufus) are with Amanda, Anthony and their boys.

Thanks to everyone who has sent us messages to the website and to our Facebook pages when our photos have been uploaded.

7th November 2017

Hi all, just a quick update to let you know that Peter will be coming with me (Rufus) when we go to our forever homes in a few weeks time. We are going for our first vaccinations this week; can you believe we will be 9 weeks old then?

We have a lovely routine worked out now too - it goes - PLAY - EAT - SLEEP - PLAY - EAT - SLEEP - PLAY - EAT - SLEEP…think you can guess the rest!

We had a weigh-in earlier today; Boo Boo is still the biggest, weighing in at 990g, Benny was 955g, Peter was 953g, I (Rufus) was 869g and Penelope was 840g - they are hoping that we are all past or close to the 1kg mark by the time our vaccinations are due.

I hope you like the new photos - “Baked With Love”…

29th October 2017

Hi everyone, I will say Happy Halloween, but we don’t like all the fireworks! They are very scary…

Well it has been a very busy week for us all, with the exception of Peter we have all got to meet our new families; Peter might be staying? We were all so well behaved too and enjoyed meeting everyone, it was lots of fun.

Hope you like this weeks pix taken with a few Halloween props…we all loved playing with the big black spiders.

We had a weigh in this morning too; who do you think has been eating all the pies?

In order - Boo Boo is 891g, Peter is 869g, Benny is 865g, I (Rufus) am 807g and little sis’ Penny is 780g…

22nd October 2017

Hi all, wow what a busy day yesterday was; there are other “kittens in da house”; Karan delivered her litter last night.

So we have moved from the kittening room to our own bedroom with woolly carpets and all!

We settled in immediately to our new surroundings. They haven’t had time for a proper photo shoot this week but did take some videos of us playing with our toys and tunnels…we can play for hours, hope you enjoy them.

15th October 2017

Hi everyone, thanks for your continued interest in how we are all doing.

We have been exploring…we had the run of the lounge for a few hours - we loved it! Climbing up and on to everything. We even got to play with the big boy and girls toys and tunnels; it was very tiring and we all worked up a real appetite. No sooner than we had eaten our supper afterwards we were asleep.

I know it is only a few days since the last update, but these are this mornings weigh-in numbers: Boo Boo is the big boy, he is 672g, Benny is 658g, closely followed by Peter at 641g, me (Rufus) at 608g and little sis’ Penelope is a fine 582g. As a litter that is 3kgs.

As it was so nice and bright, we had our latest pix taken in the lounge the other day, hope you like them. There are 10 new photos of each of us, the other 500 taken ended up on the cutting room floor as they were either blurry, we were trying to eat the camera or we had disappeared out of shot quicker than the camera shutter could work…

12th October 2017

Hi all, thanks for all the interest we have received over the past couple of weeks. We are all looking forward to meeting our prospective owners in the next week or so, I’m sure we will all get along well.

We have all started the weaning process and are enjoying our “meaty meals”, so much so that we have all put extra pressure on the weight scales this morning; little sis’ Penelope weighed in at 538g. I (Rufus) was 553g, Peter was 587g, Boo Boo 606g and the biggest was Benny who was 621g. Mum is still enjoying being with us and still lets us a suckle a little, it’s a comfort we all love.

Playtime starts at around 5.30 am these days, so we work up a bit of an appetite for when its breakfast time; we have quite a few toys to play with now and all enjoy trying to scale the heights of the scratch post and climber, though we just can’t get on to the top of the first tier just yet though it won’t be long. Benny the Ball loves to play ball too, he can bat it, he can hold it and cuddle it, he will chase it.

The photo session only amounted to a few publishable pix each this time; the other 250 that were taken were just a blur as we rarely sit still, hope you like them…

1st October 2017

Hi everyone, we are doing great thanks. We are just over three weeks old now and beginning to explore our surroundings. We now have access all areas passes to the whole of the kittening room and even have a few toy balls to play with. Mum doesn’t seem to mind us straying and lets us know when its time to come back and be groomed or fed. Mum is doing well with keeping the milk bar open at all times and we have made our own arrangements as to who eats when rather than us all piling in at the same time, clambering over the top of each other and all trying to get the same milk source. Usually we feed in a three and a two, and after this mornings weigh in it seems to be working ok. Weights - Peter was 416g, Penelope was 364g, Benny 425g, Boo Boo 431g and I (Rufus) weighed in at 395g…the littlest of the boys I say, but the cutest wouldn’t you agree? Even when I stick my tongue out at the camera (see above) I look cute don’t I?

This weeks photos are in our own galleries below; I think they added 55 photos for us as a litter; 55 out of 280 taken is not too bad a turn out is it…as we are all so lively now  200+ photos were just a blur.

I was first to be spotted lapping water this week, my first attempt wasn’t brilliant - no one told me I had to use my mouth and tongue rather than my nose! I spent the next 5 minutes spluttering it out…a few of us have all tasted a bit of Mums food too and didn’t turn our noses up either - we will be having a go with our own soon…

17th September 2017

Hi all, thanks for all the lovely messages for me (Rufus) and my siblings; Penelope, Peter, Benny and Boo Boo. We are all doing well and growing at a good rate, we have all now more than doubled our birth weights, so Mums Milk Bar is doing a wonderful job at the moment. Mum is very attentive and doesn’t move far from our sides, she even insists on being fed herself in the kittening box, though she does venture out for a good drink and a few crunchy biscuits from time to time. We have all now lost our cords and we all have our eyes open too. Our hearing has started working too as we can now hear the comings and goings throughout the day. I think we will be a competitive bunch if meal times are anything to go by, as none of us tread carefully when seeking out our favourite milk source, we can squabble over the same milk source for ages, it is usually until one of us is worn out and gives up and takes up 40 winks whilst waiting for the next sitting. Most of us have now started exploring the four walls of the kittening box, another week or so and I think “they” will need to be changing it soon in order to keep us all within Mums reach.

We  have had a photo session the other day so hope you like the photos and the video of us at dinner time…

10th September 2017

Hi everyone, it’s Rufus Ruffcut here, spokeskitten for the Daintipawz Hanna Barbera Litter; you may be wondering why the litter have been given the name? Our Mum, Cindy is Merryboo Cindy Bear of Daintipawz….Cindy Bear is a Hanna Barbera character too.

We are all doing well at the moment, Mum is attentive and doing her very best to provide all the meals we need, she is doing well as the 5 of us can make a bit of a racket when we are hungry. We are very competitive when it comes to getting to the source of the food too.

We have had a weigh in this morning and tipped the scales as follows: Peter 111g, Penelope 103g, Benny 117g, Boo Boo 118g and Rufus 116g,

It was our first real photo session too, not sure any of us have got our posing quite right just yet, but we will work on it - hope you like the pix….

Peter Perfect

Penelope Pitstop

Benny The Ball

Boo Boo Bear

Rufus Ruffcut

Cindy & The Hanna Barberas

All the kittens from this litter are now booked, but if you would like to express an interest in any future litters then please contact us by e-mail or use the form on the Contact Us page.

Please Note: we do not take any deposits for kittens until after they have been viewed when they are 7-8 weeks old.

PETER PERFECT - “These are my dainty paws”