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Ursulas Kittens...

“Daintipawz Han Solo” aka “PERCY”

Ursula began her labour at 7.00 am on Sunday, 14th May 2017 and delivered her first kitten, a girl at 3.50 pm…it was a long and exhausting day for Ursula as it was a breach birth, but they both did so well, with “Dora” suckling from Mum in next to no time. The second kitten, a boy now named “Han Solo” was delivered at 6.05 pm, it was so much easier for Ursula to deliver him, they were soon all cuddled up. Sadly, two weeks on and the trauma of the stressful delivery had taken its toll on Dora and she didn’t make it; she was a beautiful little girl


30th July 2017

Hi everyone, thanks to those that liked my last set of pix…the one of me peeking out from under the “duvet” was a hit.

Just over a week and I will be going to my new forever home with Debbie and Brian, think they will be surprised as to how much I have grown.

I hope they are ready to play; as I love playtime…the “fishing rod” toys are my favourite and I love to chase around the tunnels too. When I’m worn out after the chasing  up and down they tell me I look so cute as I pant with my tongue out. I like to have my tummy tickled, at the same time I will play bite their fingers and hand s whilst they are doing it.

I have formed such a bond with Isak, he has been so good to me and we have spent a lot of time together…metaphorically speaking I would love to be half the cat he has become, he is so patient, playful and so good natured with me; in saying that, if I was half the cat he is then I will weigh in at the best part of 5kgs., as I am about  1.35kgs at the moment, I have some way to go.

Hope you like the photos from this weeks photoshoot…

11th July 2017

Hi all, “Percy” here…loving my new name! I met my new Mummy and Daddy a few days ago, I was a little shy at first, but soon came around and got on really well. I know I will be in a lovely forever home in a few weeks time.

I will be living with Debbie and Brian, their dog and their other cats, one of which is Mia , she is also a Daintipawz, she is a Siamese from Marys Designer litter and sister to Karan, so I’m sure we will all get along.

I’ve just managed to climb up on to the sofa for the first time, so there is no stopping me now, I can literally get in to anything and everything when I like, lol.

We had a photo shoot the other day and there are new pictures added to the galleries, hope you like them.

Love Percy….

17th June 2017

Hi everyone, sorry it has been a while. Some of you will know that it has been a difficult few weeks as very sadly my gorgeous sister Dora didn’t make it. The trauma of her stressful delivery was too much for her…suffice to say we all miss her so much.

Everyday for me (Hans Solo) at the moment is a day in which I learn lots. The last few days has seen me start to eat my weaning paste and lap a little water. I run, I chase, I play ball, I climb, I even climb in and out of my litter tray, I haven’t done anything in it yet, but I don’t think it will be long.

Mum is still feeding me too and keeps me looking nicely groomed. My “Dad”, Isak is always keen to give me a bit of a wash and brush up too, he loves to make a fuss of me and I repay him by using his swishing tail as my favourite “toy”.

I had a photo shoot yesterday, hope you like the pix…

Daintipawz Han Solo: aka “PERCY”

Silver Tipped BSH Boy born at 6.05 pm, 14th May 2017, weighing in at  99g

“Han Solo” is currently available, so if you would like to express an interest in him or any of our future litters of kittens  then please contact us by:

e-mail or use the form on the Contact Us page.

Please Note: we do not take any deposits for kittens until after they have been viewed

when they are 7-8 weeks old.

Photos s will be posted on this page every week…