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Karan’s Kittens...

“The CHOCOLATE Litter”

Karan started in labour at around 5.00 pm on the 11th December, 2016.

Her first major contractions started at 7.30 pm, Karan was keen for us to help her with the delivery of the kittens.

Just over two hours later she was Mum to a litter of four good sized kittens, all boys, one lilac and three havanas.

The experience was a little overwhelming for Karan and it took her a little while to work out where she wanted to be with them and what she actually needed to do; the kittens soon made her understand that they were hungry and they soon persuaded their Mum that lying on her tummy wasn’t acceptable and that she needed to roll over and let them get on with their first meal in the outside world.

Daintipawz Toby Lerone (Toblerone): aka “Toby” - Havana Oriental boy, born at 8.35 pm, 11th December 2016, weighing in at  113g

Daintipawz Mal Teaser (Malteaser): aka “Mal” - Havana Oriental boy, born at 8.40 pm, 11th December 2016, weighing in at  104g

Daintipawz Dinky Decker (Dinky Decker):  aka “Dec” - Lilac Oriental boy, born at 9.10 pm, 11th December 2016, weighing in at  116g

Daintipawz Cris Pello (Crispello): aka “Cris” - Havana Oriental boy, born at 9.30 pm, 11th December 2016, weighing in at  110g


Please CLICK HERE to read more about us with our new families in our forever homes…





“We are all now  settling in to our  new homes”

11th March 2017

We have all now left the home of Daintipawz and are settling in to our new forever homes.

CLICK HERE to go to the “Extended Family” page where our new families will keep you posted on our progress and development…

29th January 2017

Hi all, we have now met our new families and look forward to going to live with them in March when we have had all our vaccinations etc.

In true “boy-band” stylee, we are all developing our own personalities, Dec (that’s me) is the cheeky one, Cris is the playful one, Toby is the clever one and Mal is the cute one…

We actually had a lie in this morning, we didn’t start racing and chasing around the kitten room (which is directly above their bedroom and has a practical but very noisy laminate floor) until 6.00 am. We like to build up an appetite for breakfast with at least an hours full blown exercise.

At this mornings weigh-in: both Toby and Cris were 833g, Dec was 820g and Mal was 758g.

We hope you like our new set of photos; they were taken with all the chocolate boxes that “they” have emptied since Christmas…no wonder we can hear their bathroom scales groaning under the strain every morning, lol.

15th January 2017

Hello everyone, time flies doesn’t it, we are 5 weeks old today…we all had a weigh-in this morning and as a litter we are nearly 2.5kg. I (Dec) am still the biggest, weighing in at 617g, Toby is 594g, Cris is 593g and Mal is 511g.

We are all being weaned at the moment and have shared a plate of raw feed chicken, a little kitten food and a few flakes of tuna…there is still a little coaxing required for a couple of us, but once we get going the plate now gets cleared.

We all love to play and now have the kitten climbers in our room, we even sleep in the little “hidey-hole”, mum then sits on top of the climber to keep an eye on us whilst we sleep and whilst we play, she is so attentive.

This week we all get to meet our new families for the first time, I am sure we will all fall in love with each other.

This weeks CHOCOLATE Litter photos have all been taken with our chocolate namesakes…hope you like them?

7th January 2017

Hi all, happy new year from all at Daintipawz.

We are all out and about now; we are free to roam the extents of the kittening room after I showed how easily I could scale the walls of the pen.

Whilst the kittening room is now our oyster we spend most of our time in the play tunnel…we enjoy it so much in there Mum has given up trying to get us out of their at feed time, she comes in there with us, it is a bit of a squeeze but its nice and cosy.

We have all had our first manicure and pedicure and were praised for how well we all behaved.

They plan to start us on the road to weaning tomorrow; they have weaning paste at the ready…I think we are looking forward to it! We have had a weigh-in this morning:

Dec - 489g, Toby - 479g, Cris - 462g, Mal - 404g

New photos have been added, hope you like them xx

30th December

We hope you have all had a lovely christmas…

We are all doing well and have moved on from the kittening box to the kittening pen; we have even began to explore the great expanse that is the kittening room, it causes Mum to be a bit more protective though, her head ends up spinning with trying to watch us all and keep us all safe and sound; we only have to make a sound and she is there to see what is going on.

My three Havana brothers are now becoming a little more unique as they grow and develop, you couldn’t tell one from the other a few days ago, but now they have their own little distinctive features; Mal is the smallest and slightly lighter in colour, Cris has a larger face than the other two and Toby has round eyes that look the same shape as Mums.

We are doing what kittens do, exploring, playing and play-fighting, we all love a bit of rough and tumble, but we all love a little cuddle too and all like to rollover on to our backs in order to initiate a “tickle on the tum”…that’s what we have heard “them” call it anyway.

At weigh-in this morning, we are just under 1.5kg as a collective; I (Dec) am the heaviest by just 1g weighing in at 385g, Toby is 384g, Cris is 359g and Mal is 309g.

There have been a few “new” photos added to the gallery now too, hope you like them, they were taken just before Christmas but a few technical issues with a new camera meant that their aren’t more recent ones available…this will be remedied very soon, so please come back and take a look when you can.

On behalf of all at Daintipawz we wish you all the very best for the nEw Year - Happy 2017.

18th December

Wow what a week…”We’ve Arrived”

Hi from the “Chocolate” litter, my name is Daintipawz Dinky Decker aka as Dec, quite appropriate, seeing as I was born in December. I have been given the job as spokes-kitten, so hope you will check back from time to time to read our blog and see our weekly photo shoot…

As soon as we arrived Mary’s CATS Litter began to leave for their forever homes; from what we have heard we know they are all settling in well with their new families.

At 7 days old our weigh-in this morning showed that we are all moving in the right direction; Toby is leading the way at 204g, I (Dec) am only a few grams behind at 198g, Cris is 187g and little Mal is 167g.

Mum Karan is a star, she is so attentive to us all and is currently providing us with a lovely supply of food…food enough to ensure we have the energy to make some noise and be able to get from one end of the kittening box to the other…we all like to know she is never too far away, but she is coping with our demands. She likes to keep us undercover at the moment so opportunities for them to take photos of us is very limited, they have done what they can for now, so we hope you like them.