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Marys Kittens...

“The CATS Litter”

Mary started in labour at around 6.00 pm on the 14th September, 2016.

Her contractions started at 7.45 pm, Mary was a star, she was happy for us to help when she was tiring, but in the main she did a great job with delivering six beautiful kittens.

It was around 1.30am by the time we had cleaned her up and given her and the kittens some fresh blankets.

We were anticipating a longer night as Mary had struggled to get her milk flowing with her maiden litter; but this time she had what they wanted and the kittens were all able to suckle, Mary was exhausted and enjoyed a good nights sleep.

Daintipawz Rumple Teaser: aka “Teaser” - Seal Point Siamese Girl born at 9.25 pm, 14th September 2016, weighing in at  103g

Daintipawz Silla Bub: aka “Silla” - Black Oriental Girl born at 9.45 pm, 14th September 2016, weighing in at  81g

Daintipawz Mungo Jerrie aka “Mungo” - Red Point Siamese Boy born at 10.45 pm, 14th September 2016, weighing in at  81g

Daintipawz Skimble Shanks: aka “Shanksy” - Red Oriental Boy born at 11.35 pm, 14th September 2016, weighing in at  106g

Daintipawz Griza Bella aka “Bella” - Seal Tortie Point Siamese Girl born at 11.50 pm, 14th September 2016, weighing in at  89g

Daintipawz Bomba Lurina aka “Rina” - Chocolate Point Siamese Girl born at 12.05 am, 15th September 2016, weighing in at  76g


We will continue to add individual images of the kittens over the coming weeks







“Hope you like the pix”

13th December

It’s leaving day today for me (Shanksy) and for Silla, Bella was first to leave a few days ago, followed the next day by Mungo, Teaser left on Monday along with Rina… Good to know that the CHOCOLATE litter arrived safely before I left…hope all goes well for our big sister Karan and her babies aka our nephews.

You can keep up to date with our progress on our extended family page - CLICK HERE

It’s been a pleasure…bye bye for now

30th November

Hi all, sorry it has been such a long time since the last blog, it has been a busy time for all.

A couple of weeks ago we had our first set of vaccinations and in a weeks time we will have our vet check, last vaccinations and our micro-chipping and then a few days after that we will all be off to our Forever Homes…we will be spread far and wide across the country.

We are quite a force to be reckoned with now and are in to everything; there isn’t a door, drawer, bin, or box that can be opened that we don’t all climb in within two seconds of it being opened.

Hope you like the latest photos of us with a Wise Man and the Xmas Tree, we all loved it apart from Silla, she wouldn’t stop growling and shouting at them as you will see in the photos.

We have had a weigh in today too - we are well over 6kg’s as a litter and can now only just fit in our “kitten carrier”: Shanksy (me) 1316g, Teaser 1258g, Bella 1043g, Mungo 1022g, Silla 979g and Rina 926g.

3rd October

Hi everyone, quite a few of us have all had the chance to meet up with our new families this week…we all behaved impeccably, we even took it in turns to show some how we use the litter trays too, not sure that was the cutest thing we could have done though. We all enjoyed showing off a bit…

We haven’t got used to the clocks going back though…we were very good at sleeping through till 6.00 am every morning before getting up to play, sadly for them in the room below us 6.00 am is now 5.00 am . It does mean they don’t have any need for their alarm call in the morning as we have already woken them up by chasing each other, chasing ping pong balls and jumping down from the climbers on to the nice laminate floor.

Mum, Mary is still looking after us really well, she is so thorough at grooming times though it is a wonder we don’t all look like Victoria the Sphynx…

14th October

Hi all, looks like we have become quite a popular litter…we are all on-hold and are getting ready to meet what we all hope will be our Forever Families in a couple of weeks time. We were sorry that some of you had to be disappointed as Marys kittens had become much sought after; I know some of you are now awaiting Karan to have her first litter (we’ve heard no announcements as yet, but do know she visited her boyfriend Sid last week, so keep everything crossed).

As is tradition here at Daintipawz  we like to announce who has done what first…

Rina was first to drink from the Water Bowl, Mungo was the first one to climb out of the kittening box and explore the pen, resulting in the kittening box being taken away. Mungo was the first one to go beyond the open door of the pen and due to Rina being the first to scale the pen walls, the pen has now been removed completely too. We now have the free run of the kittening room, have small climbers, tunnels, cat-it tracks and balls and toys to play with…being a kitten is so much fun.

Continuing with the firsts…Rina was first to wee in the litter tray, closely followed by Silla and Teaser…now wait for it, I (Shanksy) was the first to have a “poo” in the litter tray…my thanks go to my mum, my dad, my siblings, my agent etc…

We have also began the weaning process, we are being weaned on to our raw kitten meat paste…what a messy business this is…with six of us to try and feed at the same time the raw meet ends up everywhere, we all need a bath afterwards and that includes our two humans too!.

Mungo is leading the way and is eating from finger tips and the food dish as is Teaser. I like the food but have yet to eat from the food dish much preferring the “finger food” approach, I have made them yelp a few times though as I sink my teeth in. Silla, Bella and Rina are still in the encouragement stage shall we say which means they end up wearing most of it rather than eating it, though this does give them the opportunity to taste it again the second time around when they are grooming themselves.

We had a weigh-in this morning and as a litter we have crashed through the 2kg marker - I (Shanksy) am 418g, Rina is 374g, Bella is 350g, Teaser is 337g, Silla is 328g and little Mungo is 310g.

Think they are planning a photo-shoot later today so please check back over the next couple of days to see our new pix…bye for now.

2nd October

Hi everyone, we are all doing well thanks for asking…

We have all found our voices now and can make quite a racket when it comes to meal times and whenever we are disturbed from our slumber. I would venture to say that little Silla is the loudest and most scary when she is wanting attention.

Once we get our Kittens Chorus harmonies sorted we are sure it will sound a lot nicer than it does at the minute, six kittens all singing a different tune is certainly something to test the most sensitive of ears, lol.

Though, in saying all that we were all very well behaved at this weeks photo-shoot, apart from one pic’ of me where you can see me shouting.

Mum is coping well with our demands and is very good at keeping us well groomed…

25th September

Hi all, thank-you to everyone that has enquired about us and to all the Facebook viewers that have posted such lovely comments.

Mum is looking after us really well, it is hard work for her providing us with a constant flow of food…it is a bit of a frenzy when it comes to meal times, being the biggest of the bunch I don’t find it difficult to find the source, but the others squabble a bit, little Mungo is usually the one that gets “knocked-off”, so he gets a bit of a top-up a few times a day to keep him up with the rest of us. As a litter we have now reached the 1kg mark…so a good start.

We know our arrival has made a lot of people very happy; after seeing her first litter, some have been waiting for a kitten from Mary since this time last year …5 out of the 6 of us are now on-hold with viewing dates arranged for around the end of October.

We had our first real photo session the other day, we weren’t under the spotlight long, but just long enough for them to get a few good shots (for every photo that is in the gallery, there were about 20 others that went straight to the cutting room floor), we hope you like them.

19th September

Hi everybody, it’s us the CATS litter…we can hear you saying what a silly name for a litter when we are kittens and not CATS…but the wiser ones of you will realise that we have all been named after the T.S.Eliot CATS and of course some of our names are recognisable from the CATS Musical too.

You may well be asking “Who is the spokesperson for the litter”? Well by public demand and interest it is I, Skimbleshanks or as I am now known - “Shanksy”.

Mary our mum is doing a wonderful job looking after us all at the moment; we are all feeding reasonably well and putting on weight…little Mungo could do with a few more grammes adding, he is far too polite at meal times and usually misses out on the first sitting, but I am sure he will get the hang of it soon and start being as rough and tough as the rest of us.

Mungo is also last in the “getting rid of the umbilical cord games”, he is still hanging on to his for some reason?

Bella has opened her eyes today, so she has her first “first to…” on the wallchart.

Give us a few days to settle in and then check back on us when we might have had another photo-shoot.