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Ursulas Kittens...

“The Peter Pan Litter”

Ursula began her labour at 6.30 pm on Saturday, 2nd July 2016 and delivered her first kitten, a boy at 11.15pm…it was a long and tiring process for Ursula, so much so that the second kitten a girl, didn’t arrive until 8.55 am the next morning.


25th September

Hi everyone, we are now into our last week in the “Daintipawz” household and are looking forward to joining our new families in our “Forever Homes” in a few days time.

We have heard all about all the toys, climbers, new beds and treats that are awaiting our arrival…

We had a weigh-in earlier and I (Tick Tock aka Terry) am 1380 grammes and my “little” sister Wendy Darling aka Pamuk is 1460 grammes, can’t believe she has overtaken me, the little gannet.

She is so energetic, last night she decided she liked the look of a food magazine that was on the lounge floor, she danced on it, pounced on it and attacked it…she is quite the entertainer, I prefer the more laid back approach, watching her from a distance whilst being cuddled and stroked.

We had our last official photo shoot today too; hope you like the pix, the next photos you see of us will be taken on leaving day, which we have heard tell that it can be a day of mixed emotions…

18th September

Hi all, just wanted to start off with saying welcome to the world to Marys litter of kittens, they will be known as the CATS litter and are named after the T.S.Eliot Cats. Skimbleshanks will be spokes-kitten for their litter and you can now check-out their blog.

We are pleased the weather is cooling off a little, having such fluffy coats in the hot weather isn’t so comfortable you know…

A couple of weeks ago we went to meet the vet and had our first set of vaccinations, we were both commended on our good behaviour and we received a few oohs and aahs when we were there; they thought we were really cute, me being gold and Wendy being silver seemed to be of interest.

Our weigh-in on the day put us well above the 1kg threshold and we had a very thorough examination and health-check. When they examined me they were heard to say “one has dropped and the other one can’t be too far away”, no idea what that meant though, do you?

Wendy is a live-wire there is never a dull moment, she keeps me and them on our toes, she is like lightning, she can traverse a flight of stairs in two seconds flat, though getting back up them proves more difficult, I much prefer to do things at a gentler pace.

She has also appointed herself as the early morning alarm; she wakes the household up at 6.00 am every morning, she wants up, she wants to see everyone and she wants to play.

We are both looking forward to being spoilt when we go to our forever homes in a couple of weeks time.

31st August

Hi ya, sorry we haven’t written for a while; in the last two weeks we have both met our new families and are looking forward to being in our forever homes in a few weeks time, we think we will be both doted on…

We have also moved from the kittening room to the play-room and have all our toys, tunnels and climbers with us, we are loving the rugs too.

Since the lat time we shared our weigh in results with you we have grown and grown and grown, there must be something in the water, but we are both almost 1000g, we should reach the 1kg mark in the next couple of days.

We are also going to meet someone called “The Vet” next week as we will be getting our first vaccinations…

Cindy came to have a look at us the other day, Mum brought her in, I wasn’t that keen and went out of my way to ignore her but Wendy welcomed her with open arms…

Hope you like the new photographs, I especially like the one of Wendy fast asleep next to her Born in 2016 blanket, while she is asleep it means she is not wanting to play-fight and I can have a rest too.

15th August

Hi all, we have now got our own little cat climber, it’s great fun, we never tire of climbing up and down, in and out the “hidey hole”…which incidentally is a nice place to have a kitten nap.

I am now just 1g short of the 700g mark and Wendy is just over 690g too…

They don’t seem to tire with taking our photos, think it clicked at least 100 times yesterday, hope you like them, they managed to catch us both with our tongues out…am I allowed to say we both look cute or is that a bit boastful.

9th August

Hope you like the new pix, we were very quick to strike a pose, we consider ourselves experienced models now; in saying that, for the 40 or so photos that have made it to our galleries, there were around 250 others that ended up on the cutting room floor.

After a messy start we are now both in to our Natural Instincts raw feed diet, we actually eat it rather than play in it like we did with some of the pouch food…

We now have our own little kitten tunnel to play in, it’s good fun, whoever thought you could have so much fun inside a tunnel?

At the weekend we got to meet a couple of their grand children; Ruby and Felicity came to visit us with their Mum, Krissi. We sat in their laps, had a cuddle and a play and all got on really well.

At our weigh-in earlier we have now collectively reached the 1 kg marker; I am still a few grammes heavier than Wendy Darling, but she is catching up quickly.

4th August, a month on…

In my excitement to greet everyone this morning I completely ignored the fact that the water bowl was between me and his lap, so having waded through it with all four paws I proceeded to “wet his shorts”, at first I think he thought it was something else, but I am a big boy now and he knows that I use the litter tray…took him a while but having spotted the wet paw prints between the bowl and his lap he worked it out.

We had a weigh-in this morning too and I have passed the 400g marker, Wendy the petite beauty that she is…is still about 25g behind me.

We have been having our first taste of the solid stuff this week…not a patch on the milk and a lot messier…

They have brought in a couple of little climbers come scratch posts too, we have worked out how to climb them but neither of us show that much grace and elegance getting down again, it is a stylish ascent but a bit of an undignified descent when we roll back down the slope!

Did you know that Cindy has joined the feline family too, she is a couple of months older than us, can’t believe we will be that big one day soon.

Heard a rumour that they plan on doing a photo-shoot this weekend so please check back then to see our new pix…

29th July @ almost 4 weeks old

Time flies doesn’t it, especially when you find your feet like we have done… we climb, we run, we tumble, we walk right through mums water bowl and food dishes, we shout, we bawl, we crave attention, we get stuck in the tightest of places…they know we are here!

Not quite sure what the “big cats” make of us, when they come and visit Mum all they can see is two balls of fluff running around at 100mph…they just look on mesmerised.

We have had a weigh-in this morning and I (Tick Tock) was still a few grammes ahead at 375g and Wendy was 345g.

There is talk of us being weaned from this weekend, not sure what that means but if it is anything to do with food I’m sure we are on to a winner.

We had lots of praise heaped upon us yesterday as we had both done a “Number 1” in our very own litter tray…even more praise today as one of us had done a “Number 2” in the litter tray, they think it was Wendy…but we aren’t telling who it was!

We each got a pressie a couple of days ago, we have our very own “Born in 2016” “Blankies”, so to mark the occasion we spent quite a long time being posed for photos with them, we heard them say they took well over 120 photos to get about 10 that weren’t just a blur as we ran out of shot…we now have our own photo galleries, so hope you like the photos.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to put some lovely comments on Facebook about us when they saw some of the photos…much appreciated.

Will close there, as I think it is approaching feed time and I don’t like to keep my tummy waiting…


10th July @ one week old

Hi all, as the first born of the Peter Pan litter, it falls to me “Tick Tock” to be the spokes-kitten…

Not without a lot of effort from Mum, Ursula,  was I able to be here. It was so tiring that she didn’t give birth to my sister “Wendy Darling” until over 9 hours later.

So we don’t actually share the same birthday as I arrived on the 2nd July and Wendy on the 3rd July.

My arrival, feet first and backwards was a bit of a struggle whereas Wendys delivery was far more straight forward - literally!

I’ve heard that they had quite a few boys names of characters  from Peter Pan; my name Tick Tock was chosen as all they could hear on the kittening room camera/monitor  was the sound of the clock. I think I am a bit more cuddly than my namesake though as he was the crocodile who was responsible for Captain Hook having his hook.

My sister was called Wendy Darling just because she is a little darling…don’t let her angelic looks fool you though as she is such a “shouter”, they said she is louder than the “Meezers”…whoever they are,? But are sure we will get to meet them when we get a bit bigger.

Talking of getting bigger we had a weigh-in this morning, I was 164g and my not so little sister Wendy was 158g.

Not really sure why you might want to know this but we have both now lost the remains of our umbilical cords.

We have heard a lot of ooh’s and aah’s over the past couple of days as we both started purring loudly and I was caught washing my paw, well they thought it was cute…

Don’t think the kittening box is going to contain us for much longer either, we can both reach the top already, Mum doesn’t like us reaching up though…Speak More Soon

Daintipawz Wendy Darling: aka “Wendy” - Now with my new family  in my Forever Home

Silver Tipped BSH Girl born at 8.55 am, 3rd July 2016, weighing in at  102g

Daintipawz Tick Tock: aka “Tick Tock”- Now with my new family  in my Forever Home

Golden Tipped BSH Boy born at 11.15 pm, 2nd July 2016, weighing in at  111g

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