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Marys Kittens...

“The Designer Litter”

Mary started in labour at 7.00 am on the 1st September, 2015.

Despite this being her maiden litter she was very cool, calm and collected, more so than we were. She was happy for us to be with her from start to finish, helping her where she needed it, leaving her to it when she didn’t.

Her first contractions started at around 7.30 am and by 7.55 am the first kitten had arrived; kitten no. 2 arrived at 8.07 am. Kitten no. 3 arrived feet first soon after, but needed a lot of help to “get going”, sadly, despite putting up a brave fight the kitten passed away a day later…

Mary then took a short break to clean up the first three kittens before the delivery of kitten no. 4, which arrived at 9.00 am, just 10 minutes later at 9.10 am kitten no. 5 was born.

It was evident from the start that the kittens weren’t able to suckle as Mary was struggling to produce a significant supply of milk, Mary herself was trying hard to stimulate herself to produce and the kittens were wearing themselves out in no time trying to find a good source of supply, we were helping to latch them on at every opportunity, but it was hard work for all. We took the decision to start “topping up” the kittens with some Cimicat from a syringe, this had various degrees of success.

We took the decision to take Mary and her 4 kittens to the vet in order for the kittens to be checked over and for Mary to have a “shot” of Oxytocin to help her milk start to flow. We continued to hand feed the kittens around the clock and encouraged them to suckle from Mary at every opportunity too. It was exhausting, but rewarding to see them start to put on a little weight each day, the stronger they become, the more they can suckle for themselves, the more milk Mary produces. A week on and they are all feeding well from Mary and having a top up from us first thing in a morning, last thing at night…

Daintipawz Jimmy Choo: aka “Jimmy” - Seal Point Siamese Boy born at 7.55 am, 1st September 2015, weighing in at  101g

Daintipawz Vera Wang: aka “Vera” - Seal Tortie Point Siamese Girl born at 8.07 am, 1st September 2015, weighing in at  81g

Daintipawz Nina Ricci: aka “Nina” - Chocolate Point Siamese Girl, born at 9.00 am, 1st September 2015, weighing in at  79g

Daintipawz Donna Karan: aka “Karan” - Chocolate Point Siamese Girl born at 9.10 am, 1st September 2015, weighing in at  102g


3rd November

Hi all, just wanted to tell you how we gave them a bit of a shock earlier after we decided to “re-model” the kittening room, lol…

When Sharon came in to our room her face was a picture of disbelief.

We had moved all four of the litter trays, we had turned a couple of them around completely, the floor was awash with wood and paper litter pellets. The bed and basket were re-sited in to the middle of the floor, the water tray was awash with the water from our drinking bowl, it actually looked like we had been using it as a paddling pool.

We were convinced that we would be in trouble so took the precaution of pushing a couple of our big plastic toys behind the door so that it would be a struggle for them to get in.

To finish off we had “thrown” all the cushions off the bench on to the floor. All good fun… it wore us out though, as when Sharon found us we were all cuddled up on top of the climber, looking all cuddly and sleepy. Think we got away with it by just being cute. X

PS just added some pix of my (Vera) new Mummy (Debbie) and Daddy (Brian) to the gallery at the top of the page.

1st November 2015

“White Rabbits, White Rabbits…” what’s that all about?

Busy week for all, over the past week or so we have all got to meet our new Mummies and Daddies, we all got on really well and we think we are all very suited to each other. Jimmy got to meet Sarah and Paul, Nina met up with Debbie and Theron and I (Vera) was all over Brian and Debbie. It won’t be long before we are all off to our new homes, we start our vaccinations this week too.

As you know Karan is staying put as hopefully when the time is right she will become a Mummy herself and have her own litter of kittens. Karan goes off a few times a day to spend time with the rest of the cats in the house, Mum Mary looks after her whilst she is with them all. Ursula our second Mummy is also very protective and gives her an extra groom while she is down there. Karan is getting used to the rest of the house, little by little she is exploring all the rooms that the cats are able to use.

As you all know it was Halloween yesterday and in recognition of that we had this weeks photo session with a few props, we hope you like them. We weren’t that keen on all the door knocking and bell ringing from the Trick or Treaters, it made us a little bit wary and those Firework bangs were just awful, they were still exploding late in to the night when we were trying to get our beauty sleep.

Not sure we can complain too much about the noise when we make so much of it as we are charging around the kittening room at 100mph, I don’t think there is anywhere we can’t reach now, we just bounce from climbers to bench to dresser to cupboards, you can imagine…we used to tire quickly but we are building up quite a bit of stamina now.

Obviously our stamina comes from our healthy appetites and our appetites are moving the weight scales up ‘n’ up ‘n’ up. As a litter we are fast approaching 4kgs. Jimmy heads the weight chart at 1087g, Karan is 1040g, I (Vera) am 873g and “little dot” Nina tips in at 824g. Enjoy the pix.

19th October 2015

We are all looking forward to meeting our new Mummies and Daddies over the next week or so. Coming to see us are Debbie and Brian, Sarah and Paul and Debbie and Theron. Debbie and Theron already have a “Daintipawz” living with them, Nina is looking forward to meeting up with Chesney.

We hope they will all be able to cope with us, they just need to know that we have two speeds, one is fast and the other is faster, they say we are like lightning…we heard them talking earlier, they mentioned something about us being a litter of Gremlins, does anyone know what they mean by that?

It has taken a while but we are now best friends with the weight scales, we actually climb in the bowl now instead of them having to chase us, catch us, put us in the bowl and prevent us from jumping out. The weight scales are now showing over 2.5kg’s for us as a litter; Karan is now 783g, Jimmy is 730g, I (Vera) am now 630g and Nina aka “little-dot” is catching up at 579g.

They have given us a lovely fleecy radiator bed for us to snuggle up into, but instead of laying in comfort we choose to squeeze on to the top of the climber, there isn’t really enough room for us but we manage to stay on by interlocking legs, paws, tails and anything else that we can think of.

We all love toes in socks too, we find it so funny to sink our teeth in to them and wait for the yelp, they try to muffle the scream so that they don’t make us jump, how considerate are they lol.

Hope you like the new photos, they took over 330 to get 30 that weren’t just a blur, we now move a lot quicker than the shutter on their camera.

7th October 2015

Hi all, we now have the full run of the kittening room 24/7…we make a start chasing around and playing with the ping pong balls on the laminate flooring that is right above their bedroom at around 5.30 am, not sure they need an alarm clock anymore. We also get to play on the kitten climber, a couple of us have made it to the top only to find that we can’t get back down easily, Mum has been on hand to help though. We love playing in the hidey holes, we actually like to sleep in them too, we gave them a fright yesterday, when they came in we were nowhere to be seen…all four of us had managed to get inside the hidey hole together and go to sleep.

We have four litter trays spread around the room, each litter tray is different in size and shape, covered and uncovered, but we are such a close knit bunch that we find it nicer for all of us to go in the same one at the same time…it gets a bit crowded, but we manage somehow. As well as the ping pong balls and climber, we have tunnels and toy mice, lots to keep us amused…though we are always play fighting with each other.

They serve up a good meal too; we have a mix of different wet foods and some dry food and love a little bit of grated cheese now and then. We are all gaining weight nicely and as a litter we have just gone past the 2kg milestone. Karan is 612g, Jimmy is 569g, I (Vera) am 474g and “little dot” Nina is 434g. We are all partial to Mums meat and bikkies too, she gets a bit frustrated when more than one of us has their head in her food bowl at the same time she does.

We enjoy the visits from the other cats in the house too, especially Ursula, she has been like another Mum to us, she loves to give us a good groom, although the more boisterous we get the less time she spends with us, suppose it can’t be too much fun walking around with four kittens hanging around your neck and from your back and tail.

27th September 2015

This is becoming a bit of a habit, Jimmy has achieved another first this morning, he was first to eat some kitten food, “us girls” just turned our noses up but Jimmy demolished his portion with little or no need for encouragement…

We are all doing reasonably well on Mums milk though, as a litter we now top the scales at over 1.5kg.

We are all enjoying exploring the kitten room too, we are all very inquisitive.

Jimmy loves a cuddle, he likes to have a little chat too, he enjoys rolling on to his back and having his tummy tickled.

I (Vera) also like to have a chat and get all excited when they come in to the kittening room to see us, they find it really cute that I sit up tall and really take notice.

Nina is a little live wire, she is the smallest of the litter, she is only a “little dot” but she is never still.; especially when they are trying to take her photo or weigh her, you will see from the gallery that there are only a few pix of Nina as she was just a blur on the other 100 photos that ended up in the recycle bin. She can make some noise too to say how tiny she is.

Karan is now the biggest in our litter, but she is also the quieter one as she is not quite as chatty as the rest of “us girls”, but she is beautiful. We think Karan is a Mummies Girl, Mary doesn't like Karan being away from her for many seconds, the rest of us just wander off around the room.

24th September 2015

Jimmy has achieved two firsts today, he is the first to lap water from the bowl and first to go beyond the door of the kittening pen…Jimmy is such a daredevil, he climbs up the sides of the kittening pen, right to the top, this morning he got to the top, then let go and almost landed “bum” first in the water bowl.

We think Karen will be first to have some food as she is always around Mums bowl when she is eating.

We have all had to have another manicure and pedicure too, our claws grow so fast, that’s the second time we have had them done since being born. It does help us get around a bit easier once they are done though as our claws kept getting hooked up in the blankets.

At a weigh-in this morning I (Vera) was 306g, Jimmy was 349g, Karan was the heaviest at 372g and “little dot” Nina was 266g.

21st September 2015

Hi all, we are all doing well thanks for asking. We have all learnt to give ourselves a groom, we do it a little more gently than Mum does, buts she still can’t resist licking us in to shape at every opportunity.

Mum is also teaching us how to play, not sure she realises that she is 20 times the size we are, as she plays a little rough, though saying that we all seem to like the rough and tumble.

We now have free reign of the kittening pen, we were all climbing out of the box, so we have a lovely cushion to share. It looks like we will outgrow it before too long though, so think they are going to find us another one to add to it. At a collective weigh in this morning we totalled way over a kilogramme; Karan was 323g, Jimmy 317g, I (Vera) was 262g and Nina aka “the little dot” was 230g.

Jimmy and I are also taking an interest in Mums food, think she is getting a bit of a complex as we stand there watching her eat each meal…rumour has it that we might be able to have some of our own kitten food ‘n’ bikkies next week.

Hope you like the new photos; the butterfly was ginormous!

13th September 2015

We have all had a manicure and pedicure today; we didn’t make it too easy for them either…they compared us to slippery little eels, whatever they are?

They are happy that we are starting to recognise their voices; when we hear them we are all really starting to take notice and sit as high as possible to stretch our necks, it looks like we are really interested.

We hope you like the new photos that have been added to our gallery.

11th September 2015

Hi everyone, just to let you know, the sex change fairy has visited and big brother Paco is now known as Karan. Other major news includes Jimmy has now shed his cord and has a cuddly tummy just like the rest of us. There is no stopping him either, he has tried standing on his back paws to climb out of the kittening box, but he’s just not quite ready for that big adventure just yet.

We will be having a photo session over the weekend, so if you come back to visit on Monday our new pix will be posted…

9th September 2015

Well what a week; arriving on the 1st of the month as we are mums first litter was quite apt… They (Sharon & Kevin) usually choose the first born or the biggest kitten from the litter to be “spokes-kitten”, but think they have chosen me (Vera) as I seem to be the most vocal, Nina is almost as noisy, but think I just have the edge over her vocals.

You will see from our birth weights that Nina and I were way behind Jimmy and Paco, a week on and they are still way out in front at 177 grammes and 197 grammes respectively, but me and sis’ are doing well. Nina is now 122 grammes and I am 143 grammes, so collectively we are over 500 grammes as a litter.

I was the first to get my eyes open, at just 3 days old, Paco opened his the day after and Jimmy and Nina opened theirs a couple of days ago. With the exception of Jimmy we parted with our cords after a few days, Jimmy is still hanging on to his for some reason? We are all finding our feet now too and are managing to get around. We don’t separate for long though, as you can see on the pix, we do our best to be kings or queens of the castle by trying to be the kitten lying on the top of the “huddle”.

Mum, Mary is great, she is so attentive and loving, though her cleaning regime can be a little bit rough and she can be a bit clumsy with where she parks her bum sometimes, but we soon tell her if she lands on us.

We hope to have a photo shoot each week so you can come back regularly to read our blog and keep up to date with our progress.

See you soon, love Vera, Paco, Nina and Jimmy

Photos of us on Leaving Day; keep up with our progress on the Extended Family page…