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“Kittens Make The World Go Round”

The Dolls Litter have arrived…Taylor started in labour at 8.45am on the 6th March 2015; as they are all girls, we have decided to name them after “Dolls”.

The first kitten was born breach at 12.13pm, the second kitten arrived at 2.31pm, the next kitten was also born breach at 2.57pm, she was a beautiful White Oriental. Sadly, she wasn’t breathing at all when born, we managed to use some revival techniques and “got her going”. Despite our best efforts “Cassie” passed away at two days old (thanks to the many messages of condolence we received via Facebook). The fourth kitten from the litter arrived at 3.19pm.

"Chatty Cathy” aka “Cathy"

111g - girl - Chocolate Tabby Oriental

"Polly Pocket" aka “Polly”

98g - girl - White Oriental

"Suzy Cute" aka “Suzy”

106g - girl - Lilac Tabby Oriental


Taylors Kittens...

“The Doll Litter”


to see how we are all getting on in our new homes…

8th June

It’s been a pleasure being reared by Taylor and co.…we have all now moved to our new homes, there were a few tears on our leaving days but they know that we are all going to very loving homes. They know we will be treasured and in turn we will bring lots of fun and good times to our new families.

We hope you have enjoyed seeing us grow and blossom and would like to think you will keep up to date on all we do on our “Extended Family” page - Click Here

2nd May 2015

We have all now met our new families and we all agreed we were all a good match and are looking forward to going to our forever homes.

We are all reaching our top speeds now and can each reach 0-60 mph in less than 2 seconds, so would be able to give anything a run for their money; they have also introduced us to a new “snake” toy (it’s a few yellow and black shoelaces tied together, but they don’t need to know we know that), it’s great fun and allows us all to play with the same “toy” at the same time, which is nice (see the little video). There isn’t anything that is out of reach to us now either, so our room has been stripped of any of their trinkets, lol.

They have also given us a new radiator bed; it’s so snuggly…

We all had a weigh-in the other day; Cathy = 927g, Polly = 896g and Suzy = 853g; we all should reach our target weight of at least 1 kg for when we go have have our first vaccinations on the 8th May.

Also had a photo-shoot too; there are some lovely photos, even if we say so ourselves; you will see that I was able to chat through the whole event.


20th April 2015

Suzy got to meet her new mummy and daddy yesterday, Polly meets hers on Sunday and I will meet mine on Friday.

As you can see from our latest photos we now have a climber in our room, we are loving it. They get to hear the pitter patter of our dainty little paws running around from 4.00am every morning, they must love it too.

We have also had a weigh-in: Cathy = 750 grammes, Polly = 730 grammes and Suzy = 725 grammes.

Hope you like the photos; they said I was living up to my name in some of them as I was caught chatting while they were clicking away. There are some nice photos of us all together.

12th April 2015

They say we are all developing our own little characters and personalities, we just think we are being naughty, lol.

We have found what we think are “fingers” and “toes”…we have now heard them yelp and shout “she has bit my toe “ or “she has bit my finger” quite regularly, think our teeth must be quite sharp?

We had a lovely breakfast of kitten food and sardines this morning; delicious…

Had a weigh in yesterday and we are all around the 600 gramme mark; I’m just a little heavier than the others.

8th April 2015

Don’t usually do self promotion of a kitten from current litters, but just wanted to let everyone know that my gorgeous sister, Suzy, is available.

A misjudgement of potential owners has meant that Suzy is available again and no longer on hold.

She is beautiful to look at, very playful and loves a cuddle, what more could you ask for?

Please get in touch if you are interested.

5th April 2015

Happy Easter everyone, thanks for all the lovely comments when our Easter photos were put on Facebook…

Announcement - “The kittens have left the kittening box…”, the box has now disappeared and we are now free to roam around the kittening pen, we love the extra room to play, Mum is still a little strict and wants to keep us close, but we are doing our best to ignore the “tellings off”. Also, when they are in the room feeding Mum and playing with us we get to wander around the whole kittening room.

There have been a few firsts in the last couple of days; Polly was first to eat some kitten food, I (Cathy) have started eating now too, Suzy is still concentrating on having Mums milk and turns up her nose at the kitten food…however, she was first to lap some water from the bowl, she got a bit over confident this morning though and dipped her nose in too, after which there was a bit of coughing and spluttering.

My claim to being first at something is the litter tray; I’ve been making the motions and then doing a bit of scratching in it, both Polly and Suzy have walked through the litter but I don’t think that counts, so I am claiming a first.

We had a weigh-in yesterday: Cathy = 504 grammes, Polly = 475 grammes and Suzy = 505 grammes, so all doing well.

Hope you like our Easter pix.

29th March 2015

Hi all, we are continuing to do well and we all now have prospective homes to go to in a couple of months time. We are all developing our own little personalities and traits too; they agree that they chose my name wisely “Chatty Cathy”; whenever they come in to the kittening room I make a bee-line for the front of the kittening box and start talking to them straight away. Whilst we are all pushing the boundaries of the kittening box, I think it will be me who will be first to escape it…though not sure for how long that would be, Mum has her eyes and ears open for us all the time and doesn’t like us to stray too far.

Myself and Suzy Cute love a bit of rough and tumble and like nothing more than a quick grapple and a roll around the pen, Polly Pocket joins in now and again, but she really loves them to tickle her on the tummy, she lays on her back and bunny kicks as her tummy is tickled, we are sure she is smiling too.

We had a lovely photo shoot yesterday, so hope you like the new photos in the gallery; there was also a weigh-in, which went something like…

Cathy = 421 grammes, Polly = 394 grammes and Suzy = 432 grammes, so a nice little weight gain on last weeks figures.

22nd March 2015

Busy day, pedicure, manicure, weigh-in, photo-shoot…we’re shattered lol.

As a weigh-in we have now collectively passed the 1kg mark; Cathy = 341 grammes, Polly = 320 grammes and Suzy = 348 grammes.

Hope you like the new photos…

20th March 2015 - Day Fourteen

Well day fourteen has arrived; by now my sister, Polly, if she were to be Siamese as originally thought, should have developed a little bit of colour to her points, but she is as white as white can be, she doesn’t have any black hairs or black patches either…so the conclusion has been made that she is a White Oriental. As a litter we have certainly caused them a few headaches,lol.

19th March 2015 - Day Thirteen

Hi all, they say I am now living up to my new name of “Chatty Cathy”, every morning when they come in to see us I sit up straight and chat back to them. We are all very alert now and can all sit up, it’s not easy keeping our heads on straight as our necks tire quickly, but we all look very cute.

Mum continues to do a great job, she loves to go for a little wander, but as soon as she has stretched her legs going down and up the two flights of stairs a few times she is back and fussing over us. We are finding our feet more and more too and know our way around the kittening box now.

They have attached a couple more photos of each of us in the gallery, hope you like.

It is good to know that Polly and Suzy are on-hold, but I am still available if you are interested… love Cathy xxx

14th March 2015 - Day Eight

As you might have realised if you had read the previous blog, there have been some changes here…

The “Sex Change Fairy” has visited us all; we have advised them that they really should go to Specsavers; but realise that  it is an easy to mistake a skin fold or two for some other bits and pieces, but no real psychological damage done, lol.

It’s also quite apt that as I am the spokes-kitten for the litter I have been named “Chatty Cathy”.

We have all had a weigh-in today; not sure any of us were really happy about it as we made so much noise, Mum just looked on and didn’t understand why we were making all the fuss; we have collectively moved well past the half-kilo for the litter…

Chatty “Cathy” (that’s me) - 245 grammes, “Polly” Pocket - 214 grammes and “Suzy” Cute - 236 grammes.

There are a few more photos too, hope you like them…

11th March 2015 - Day Five

Hi, I’m Archie, spokes-kitten for the “Tribal” litter. My first duty is to say how sad it was to lose one of my siblings at just a couple of days old. Cassie was a beautiful White Oriental girl, she struggled from birth, arriving in the breach position. Cassie struggled to get her lungs going but they managed to revive her, with lots of TLC she managed to cope for a couple of days, but then it all got too much for her and despite everyone’s best efforts, Mum, Talors included, Cassie passed away. Cassie received over 100 messages of condolence, so she left her mark on this world.

The three of us, Bill, Jim and myself continue to do well, we have all had a weigh-in today and are: Archie 191 grammes, Bill 166 grammes and Jim 184 grammes.

Mine and Jims eyes are wide open today, Bills have opened slightly. Jim is also the proud owner of a smooth little tummy as he has lost his cord today.

There is also some debate about Bills “bits and pieces”, they are thinking that the “sex change fairy” may have visited, so watch this space…