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MARY: Daintipawz Mary Goodnight

Mary is a gorgeous Chocolate Tortie Point Siamese, she is from Xenias Bond Litter who were born on Fathers Day 2014.

She is everything you would want a Siamese kitten to be…she is vocal, in to everything, playful, inquisitive, loyal and loving…oh and mischievous and a bit more mischievous.

She has bags of character, we hope you agree with us that she will be a beauty as she grows up.

Mary had her maiden litter of kittens - the “Designer” litter on the 1st September 2015 and delivered her second litter just over one year later on the 14th September, they are a mix of Siamese and Orientals and are known as the “CATS” litter. Her latest kittens are the Hogwarts litter who arrived on the 15th March 2018.