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Wispas Kittens...


Wispa’s waters broke on the 20th October 2014, a week earlier than expected…

We sat with her all through the night looking to help her should her labour start. By the next morning, nothing was happening, she was a little restless but that was all.

We took her to the vet who examined her internally and despite her waters breaking the kittens were nowhere near the position they should be.

After having a dose of Oxytocin (a hormone that causes the uterus to contract, and calcium which facilitates strong uterine contractions) we took Wispa back home in the hope that it would help induce her into labour, however, the clock was ticking…

If she didn’t go in to labour within 90 minutes, then we must take her back for a caesarean section. She went into “theatre” at around 11.00 that morning.

One of the kittens was twisted around and had become trapped high up in the birth canal, sadly this kitten was “still-born”.

Thankfully, the second kitten was alive, he was very weak due to the general anaesthetic administered to Wispa and the stress of being trapped; he had to be given help to breathe, but he is a fighter, two hours later we were bringing Wispa and her baby home...

"Daintipawz The One And Only" - Chesney

Havana Boy born on the 21st October 2014 weighing in at an impressive 115g


Welcome to my webpage, where you will find all things “Chesney”, I hope you enjoy reading my Blog…

16th January 2015

It was a day of mixed emotions today as I left for my new home…it was great to see my new Mummy (Debbie) and Daddy (Theron), but sad to say goodbye to all the Daintipawz and Notsodaintipawz clan.

There are some photos of my leaving day in the Gallery with Mummy Sharon.

It was a long trip, but I was cuddled all the way and was soon settling in…

To keep up to date on my progress in my new home CLICK HERE to go to the “Extended Family” page.

12th December 2014 @ 54 days old

I’ve had a lovely day today, I got to meet my new Mummy and Daddy for the first time.

Debbie and Theron bought me a lovely little mouse toy to play with; I settled really quickly in their company and we played for quite a while…

I know I am going to enjoy being with them when I go to live with them around the middle of January.

I continue to be the dominant force in amongst all the other “big” cats, they seem to let me get away with almost anything, I find it great fun jumping on them at every opportunity, not really sure they are all so impressed, but I keep coming back for more.

27th November 2014 @ 37 days old

It has been such a difficult time for us all; my Mum, Wispa, developed some very serious complications after the caesarean section she had to have to bring me in to the world, she battled on for a few days afterwards and despite the best efforts of everyone concerned she didn’t recover, but I know she is looking down on me fro Rainbow Bridge.

I never got to see my Mum as I didn’t open my eyes till after she had gone, everyone in the house was so sad to have to say goodbye to her, I’m told she was such a beautiful girl and that if I’m lucky I will have her good looks when I grow up…she will be missed. Thanks to everyone that sent messages of condolence it was lovely to have all the comments read out to me.

They have done a great job with looking after me; you may have noticed that they weren’t so good at sexing me though, as the sex change fairy visited one night and I changed from “Connie” to “Chesney”, just like that… they named me after the singer, Chesney Hawkes and gave me the pedigree name of Daintipawz The One And Only.

This is a short summary of what I have been getting up to over the past few weeks, it has certainly been eventful…

Born 21st October 2014 > Had my first “poo” on 23rd October > Lost my umbilical cord on the 27th October > Went Xmas shopping to Boots on 30th October > Opened my eyes on 1st November > Delivered Xmas presents to family on 5th November > Had my first manicure / pedicure on 6th November > Climbed out of my kittening box on the 10th November > Visited family in Yorkshire to deliver Birthday and Xmas presents > Eaten kitten food on 20th November > Eye colour changed 22nd November > Playing with toys and climbing on sofa 23rd November > Slept through the night for the first time 27th November…

Hope you like all the new photos.

25th October 2014 @ 4 days old

Usually there is some debate as to who gets to be the author of the kitten blog; sadly, there has been no need for debate as I am the “only one”. My sibling didn’t make it… it was a tough time for everyone concerned, especially my Mum, Wispa.

The operation from a surgical point of view went well for Mum, her wound on her tummy is healing well with the aid of some anti-biotics etc, but she isn’t feeling that well in herself… Psychologically it is a different story, at the moment she has chosen to reject me, they are trying every day to get Mum to form a bond with me but as yet it isn’t happening.

They have been doing all my feeding and encouraging my toileting; morning, noon and night… I am currently wanting to feed every 60-90 minutes so they are definitely putting in lots of effort on my behalf and it is paying off as I am now putting on weight and am now 128g.

My “Constant Craving” for both food and attention has led to me taking that name as part of my pedigree name; as a pet name I am known as “Connie”.

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch and wished me and Mum well, all your messages of support are so very much appreciated. I hope you will all visit my page on a regular basis; I’m sure that there will be lots of photo shoots to come…

You can see a few photos of me with Isak, the Norwegian Forest Cat…he has really took a shine to me and watches over me all the time. He lies in front of my carrier when I am asleep and then when I am awake he watches me feed and then helps clean me up if I need it…

I’ve heard say (my ears are now unfurled) that it is wonderful to see him taking on his role as my stepfather.