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“Kittens Make The World Go Round”

Xenias Kittens...

“The Bond Litter”

The Bond Litter arrived on Fathers Day, the 15th June 2014. Xenia started in labour just before 2.00pm and the first kitten was born at 2.04pm, followed by another six kittens all very much straight after each other... all done in around 2 hours, it was exhausting for Xenia as it was so frantic.

Although all the kittens were lively when born, some of them were very small and fragile…we had a difficult few days and despite Xenia and our best efforts three of the kittens have sadly passed away.

It was a tough week, especially for Xenia, the trauma of giving birth took its toll on her. She did her best to support all the kittens, but she just wasn’t able to.

She is now on the mend and is giving everything she has looking after the four remaining kittens. We are so proud of her response.

"Kissy Suzuki” - girl - Siamese

"James Bond"  - boy - Siamese

"Tiffany Case" - girl - Siamese

"Mary Goodnight" - girl - Siamese


21st September 2014

Thanks to everyone for the interest shown in The Bond Litter over the past few months… we have all moved to our forever homes now and are all settling in well. You can visit our “Extended Family” page to see how we are getting on.

Tiffany (me) is now living with Lisa, Steve and Emma, James and Kissy (aka Jasper ‘n’ Aggi) are with Julia, Andy and Dilys and Mary (aka Belle) is with Margaret and Steve.

Hope you like the photos of us all taken with Sharon on our “leaving days”.

30th August 2014

We are now all eating for England and with what we all agree is a wonderfully varied diet of fish, meat and bikkies we are all enjoying eating once again. We know we aren’t at the top end of the weighing scales but with our and their efforts we are all pulling together to get the scales moving in the right direction…a few more meals inside us and we will make the 4 kgs as a litter.

James as you will know is the smallest of us all, but he can certainly stick up for himself and is catching us up weight wise day by day.

We have also heard them telling themselves off for breaking the “whatever you do don’t feed them after midnight” rule… we are now officially known as Gremlins, we are in to everything!!!

There is nothing we aren’t prepared to try and climb, leap on to or jump down from… they don’t take kindly to us all climbing the curtains at the same time either, but suppose it isn’t very easy to get 16 claws unhooked from the curtains and then get us back on terra firma safe and sound, lol.

I’ve also taken to loving a bit of a nuzzle, I love my head and chin rubbed… I get them to do it for about 10 minutes at a time; by which time they are trying to give the others a stroke, so I let them go then lol.

They are hoping to get some new photos done this week too, so please come back and take a look…

9th August 2014

Hi all, I’ve been given a new nickname… I am now known as “Nipper”, I cant resist biting everyones toes and ankles, no bare flesh is safe lol.

I also got to meet my new Mummy and Daddy earlier this week - Lisa and Steve; made Steve feel nice and welcome too when I bit his toe to say hello.

We had a bit of a weigh in the other day and we are now very close to being a 3kg litter.

One of James’ photos went down well with everyone on FB and the Pet Forum…it’s the one where he is sitting with his legs wide open staring at his “POM POMS”.

We hope you like the new gallery of photos; think they took around 50 of each of us to get the ones that are showing…think it wore them out, not sure there will be anymore for a few days, lol.

Think we heard them booking our first vaccinations for next weekend too… not sure we are that keen on meeting the veterinary nurses just yet, trouble is they know all of our hiding places, so won’t be able to get out of it.

Enjoy the photos…

31st July 2014

Hello everyone, it has been a while…we will have to blame it on the heat. Our kittening room became far too warm, it is up in the eaves on the 3rd floor, so when its hot its very hot up there. So we have moved…

We are now in the much cooler surroundings of the “family room” which is on the ground floor and overlooks the garden, it is so much cooler and we get to see the birds and the bees too, lol.

We have all got our appetites back, Mary, Kissy and I (Tiffany) have even took to pinching Mums biscuits when she isn’t looking.

Kissy is also now known as a water baby as she spends some of her time paddling around in our water bowl; today she was almost swimming rather than paddling, she was soaked!

We are all quite athletic and can all now make the leap from the floor to the sofa, must admit having the throw on the sofa helps us climb up that last bit…it probably saves us pulling threads in the cushions as well, but that’s probably another story.

They are not so keen on us climbing on the coffee tables and us swinging on the curtains though, they try their best to make us understand, but we just smile and do it again as soon as they have sat back down…it’s a good game.

Some of us got to meet our new Mummys and Daddys this past week; James and Kissy will be living together, so its nice that they are always playing together and they have also paired up when it comes to feeding time as they happily share their plate of food.

We also heard that our own Daddy - “Bailey” became a Champion last weekend at the Humberside Cat Show - “WELL DONE DAD!”

Hope you like the new photos…

20th July 2014

Hi all, where has our first 5 weeks gone, it has flown by!

We are all doing nicely, thanks to all that ask about us…we are all now eating a little kitten food, though they are still waiting for us to all eat together.

They think we are winding them up a little bit as there are only ever three of us eating at any one time, lol. Mum continues to allow us all to suckle as and when we want too, so none of us are missing out on anything.

The kittening pen was taken down the other day, it means we have the run of the whole kittening room 24/7. Mum wasn’t impressed at first, she is very much set in her ways and doesn’t really like change…but, she has now come round to the idea and sits back and just lets us get on with it.

They have also given us some toys, a couple of little climbers / scratchers and a play tunnel…so there is plenty for us to chase each other around, on or up.

There was a photo session taken yesterday, some of us were more in the mood than others, think James slept through most of it though, lol…

It is also going to be a busy week or so for us as our potential new mummy’s and daddy’s are all coming to visit, we are told we need to be on our best behaviour…not sure there is much chance of that, lol.

Hope you like the photos…

12th July 2014

We continue to want to explore further and further each day, when we stray too far Mum shouts us back, none of us return immediately, we make our way back after stopping off and inspecting pretty much everything we can, but we get there in the end.

We are all interested more in what Mum is eating too, we all hang our heads over her bowl when she is having her food now, so it won’t be long before we get to try some of our own, we are fours weeks old tomorrow, so sometime in the next few days probably.

We all had a weigh in this morning and as a collective we are nearly a 1.5kg litter…

Kissy weighed in at 370g, I (Tiffany) was 362g, Mary  was 361g and James hust a few grammes behind at 359g.

We should have some new pics around the middle of next week so please come back and have a look.

10th July 2014

Hi everyone, we are all doing well and developing our own little personalities, day by day…

We have now outgrown the kittening box and are free to roam the pen and when supervised we get to explore the whole of the kittening room. It sounds like they think they may have given Mary the wrong name, they keep calling her Dora the explorer… she was first to use Mums litter tray too; we now have our own, the litter feels so much softer.

I(Tiffany) was the first to attempt to drink from the water bowl, I couldn’t resist getting my leg in there at the same time though and by the time I had finished I was soaked, on “climbing” out of the water bowl I proceeded to walk through Mums food bowl…it doesn’t sound very lady-like at all does it! Mum is very good at grooming us, so I didn’t stay wet and sticky for very long, Mums tongue is the equivalent to us being put through a car-wash, it washes, dries and polishes all in one.

Kissy and I have also started to use the scratch post, which is very cute to watch.

We are waiting for James to do a first but he seems content to just play, he loves a bit of rough and tumble and likes to bite each of our ears.

1st July 2014

Hi all, we are all getting a little more sturdy on our dainty paws and have explored every inch of the kittening box, it isn’t going to be long before we are all out and about in the kittening room. Mum is still very attentive and still likes to have us all within easy reach though, so not sure how she will feel when we want to go that little bit further each day.

Mum has found a real balance now between what she puts in to herself and what we take out at feeding time, it’s a constant food-fest as at least one of us seems to be feeding at every minute of the day; though most of the time we probably start to suckle and have fallen asleep before too long, so it appears we are suckling for hours at a time… poor Mum, but she shows no signs of being fed-Up with the routine (sorry about the pun!).

We all had a weigh-in - I (Tiffany) am still the biggest at the moment at 270 grammes, James who was the smallest of us all has now leapt right up the weight chart and is now 240 grammes, I expect he will overtake me anytime soon, Mary is 235 grammes and Kissy is 230 grammes… a few more grammes to add and we will reach the 1 kilogramme mark as a litter.

As all our points are continuing to develop before their very eyes I think they are planning on having a little photo-shoot over the next few days, so please check-back to see how we are doing, we are always happy to hear from you all too.

26th June 2014

Hi everyone, thanks so much for all your support, we have had a number of mails this week with lots of love and well wishes.

We are all beginning to stretch our legs a little and getting ourselves around the basket, Mum always adjusts her position accordingly so she has us all in view all of the time. Mum is very protective and tries to keep her eyes on us even when she is in the litter tray.

All of our ears have now pretty much unfurled too, so it won’t be long before we can hear Mum talking to us.

Mum was kind enough to allow a few photos to be taken earlier; when they were taking the ones of her with us in the basket she was talking all the time…

Hope you like the pix…

22nd June 2014

Hi this is Tiffany…I have been voted spokes-kitten for the “Bond” litter. Mum, Xenia was named after a character in a Bond film - Xenia Onatopp, so it was always the plan to name her kittens after other bond characters… Pop Quiz - do you know in which films the three girls characters were in, will let you know the answers in the next blog…

It has been such a tough week for all of us, losing our siblings has made it such a sad time. Mum has been brilliant throughout and she is doing her best for James, Kissy, Mary and I (Tiffany)… she is letting us feed at every opportunity and cleans and grooms us really well.

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and support, it is all so very much appreciated… there are even those that do not have cats and kittens, but still follow our website to find out how we are doing…

We are all putting on weight and beginning to try and stand on our own four feet, we are very very wobbly, but it is showing our determination and strength to do the “Bond” litter proud.

Points are beginning to show on some of us and we have all opened our eyes now too. We are a very close bunch as you will see from the photos that are in the gallery… as I was voted spokes-kitten they took an individual photo of me, not sure I was too keen and tried to hold my paws up to tell them “not to look at me because I am shy”.

We really hope you will visit our blog regularly to see us progress and development… love Tiffany xxx

15th June 2014 - The Bond Litter arrived on Fathers Day…

Please check back here regularly to keep up to date on our progress and see our photographs…watch this space.


Welcome to the “Bond” litter webpage…as you can see we have set up a couple of galleries. CLICK HERE to see how we are setlling in our new homes…