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SHARONA: Daintipawz My Sharona

Sharona is a beautiful Lilac Based Caramel Tabby Oriental, she is from Taylors Song Litter and was born on the 16th February 2014. At 19 months old she is doing really well, her colouring is lovely and her markings are absolutely beautiful. We feel sure she will continue to be a little stunner as she grows.

She has a lovely temperament, she is so playful, but does find time for a cuddle, she loves to snuggle up to Isak, he is a giant in comparison to her, but she can certainly stick up for herself when they have a bit of rough and tumble.

Sharona has lots of followers, her colouring is beautiful and very eye catching; those that have met her in the “fur” so to speak, admire her very much.

Sharona wasn’t destined to be a breeding queen and has now been spayed. She recovered well and goes from strength to strength, she is involved in everything that goes on in the house and loves to play fetch; she can go for hours retrieving whatever toy is thrown up or down stairs. She is a treasure.

Despite her no longer being able to have kittens we are hoping that you will visit Sharonas page from time to time as we will post new photos of here on a regular basis.