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“Kittens Make The World Go Round”

Taylors Kittens...

“The Song Litter”

The Song Litter have arrived…Taylor started in labour just before 5.00 am on the 16th February 2014; their due date was the 14th February so they were due to be named the “Love Song” litter… so as they missed that date we have decided to call them the “Song” litter and have chosen songs with names in the titles…

Despite a tough and emotional delivery, Taylor is a wonderful mum and has four beautiful kittens, an even mix of Siamese and Oriental kittens.

Mum and babies are doing well, we will hopefully get to take some photos of the kittens this weekend and will get them posted as soon as possible after that.

The litter are made up of 2 boys and 2 girls, though we reserve the right to change this if the sex change fairy pays us a visit…

"Hello Dolly” formerly known as “Jimmy Mack" (sex change fairy visited)

80g - girl - Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese

"My Sharona"

80g - girl - Lilac based Caramel Tabby Oriental

"Rockme Amadeus"

80g - boy - Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese

"Dear Prudence"

85g - girl - White ‘n Chocolate Oriental


Day Ninety Two - 18th May 2014

All my siblings have now moved to their new homes; you won’t be surprised to know that myself and Mum miss them loads… we are sure they will all be doted on by their new owners. Hopefully we will get some photos of them all settling in, when we do they will appear on the  Extended Family page.

I know we get quite a few mails saying how much you all love to read the Kitten Blog and see the new photos, so they have decided that I can continue to  write a Blog on my own page where I can keep you up to speed with my development through kitten-hood.

Click Here to go to my page…

Love Sharona x

Day Eighty Five - 11th May 2014

I am now in to the last week I (Sharona) will get to spend with my siblings, Amadeus, Dolly and Prudence, I know I am going to miss them, we have all got on so well together with never a crossed meow… there has been no pecking order at all, Amadeus plays a little rougher than us girls do, but we have given him as good as we have got.

We all had our last vaccinations, health check and weigh-in before we all start the next phase of our lives; Amadeus weighed in at 1.53kg, I (Sharona) was 1.35kg, Prudence was 1.32kg and Dolly was 1.31kg… so we have as a litter cleared the 5kg mark.

They tell us we are one of the “biggest” litters they have had and we are actually out-growing the kittening room; there isn’t anything we can’t reach now, we can find ways to leap from object to another to get pretty much wherever we want lol… think they will have to take the roller blind down anytime soon as we unravel it at every opportunity.

Hope you like the last “Song” litter photo-shoot pix… you will be seeing lots more of me and they hope that the new owners of my siblings send through lots of pix as they grow up too.

Day Seventy Five - 1st May 2014

Hi all, thanks once again for all the lovely comments we have all received… it’s not just Prudences ears that are big now, think her head is too as she gets so many comments and offers, lol.

We all continue to develop at a really fast pace and there isn’t anything that we can’t climb or jump on to now, especially their shoulders…I(Sharona) can also make my way underneath the bottom of his T-Shirt and then re-appear out of the arm-hole, I can do all that without scratching him, it’s quite an impressive trick.

We are even coming to terms with the stairs, it is like a rapid ride down the Grand Canyon on the way down, but like scaling Mt Everest on the way back up, especially as they have two flights of stairs… the whole process of going up and down stairs seems to take hours, they come with us step by step too.

After our daily groom we all had our claws clipped today too, we all got a pat on our backs for being so good, Amadeus put up more of a struggle than us girls did, but suppose that is only to be expected…boys!

One by one we have now destroyed all the toy mice that Mum took so much time and effort bringing to us… they can’t find any replacements either.

Day Sixty Two - 19th April 2014

Happy Easter to you all from the Songs Litter…

Up and at ‘em really early today, it’s our first day out, we are off to the vets for the start of our vaccinations, we have been told to be on our best behaviour…don’t think the meesers were listening though, if me and Pru’ are 100 mph kittens, Amadeus and Dolly must be off the scale they are like lightening!

Mum has turned “Hunter Provider” for us this week… they had bought a pack of 6 little yellow mice for the big cats, they decided to give all 6 to them at the same time, none of them gave them a second glance with the exception of our Mum, Taylor… Day by Day, One by One, she has taken one and brought them up to our room for us, she dropped the mouse on the floor and then sat back and watched us play, she has now done this 5 times…we now have one each and she has one too… she has left the 6th one for the big cats to have, she is so good to us.

Will let you know how the vaccinations go, it’s a good job we don’t know what a needle is, isn’t it…

Day Fifty Six - 12th April 2014

We are all in full flow and constantly on the move, we love the lighter early mornings, we can get the whole house up and going before 6.00 am, it’s great.

Now having a climber, a tunnel, a scratch slope, a scratch box and a couple of scratch posts we have made up our own assault course and we all set off chasing each other around and around the course, we don’t tire of doing it either…the game only stops when one of us misses our footing and we all end up in a heap.

We have had a weigh in this morning:

Amadeus = 1025g, Dolly = 900g, Prudence = 875g and Sharona = 850g.

We are hoping to have a photo shoot later if they have time, so please come back and check the gallery…

Day Fifty - 6th April 2014

Hi all, we are looking forward to meeting Tracy tomorrow, if all goes well she will be Dollys new Mummy in a few weeks time.

I(Sharona) will be staying here and will become a Daintipawz Queen when the time is right. My colouring has really developed in the last few days and they now know that I am a Lilac based Caramel Tabby, sounds posh doesn’t it…

We have all made some nice weight gains - we are all fairly similar in weight and now total over 3kg as a litter.

Our latest photos will be posted in the Gallery later, hope you like them.

Day Forty Seven - 3rd April 2014

Thanks for all the enquiries as to how we are all doing… we are all doing great.

We got to meet some of their grandchildren on Mothering Sunday, Ruby and Felicity, they had a little cuddle with me and Prudence.

Amadeus, soon to be known as “Benny” met his new owners Anne and Albert, he is looking forward to moving in with them in about 5 weeks time. Prudence will be going to live with Jan and Robert and Dolly will get to meet her new family next Monday… which just leaves little ol’ me (Sharona) to find a new home, I thought that I was meeting my new Mummy tomorrow, but after being reserved for some time she can no longer have me.

I have put that behind me and am really enjoying playing in our new tunnel and on our kitten sized climber, it’s great fun.

We are all eating well and gaining weight nicely, lovely cuddly tummies all round, think they are planning a weigh-in over the weekend.

Hope you like the new photos in the gallery, especially the ones of me, I’m a real cutie even if I say so myself, lol…

Day Thirty Nine - 26th March 2014

Hi all, we had a nice early start to the day today, think we all started pottering around at about 4.30 am, they know that because our room is directly above their bedroom, think that is why they named us Daintipawz, as they can hear our little dainty paws running too and fro across the kittening every morning as soon as it’s light, they must love it as they were up with us not long after giving us a little wash and brush up, sorting our litter and then making our breakfast…wonder why they don’t like a lie in, lol.

We had two plates of Sardine, Meat and Bikkies between us this morning; Mum eats her breakfast then comes and stands by us while we eat ours, they have taught her that she can’t interrupt or take any of our food until we have all walked away from the plates…she mostly sticks to the rules, they do have to remind her a couple of times, but she is really good.

After breakfast Mum gives us our second wash and brush up of the day, it’s not quite as gentle as the first one though…

They have added all last weekends photos to the gallery, hope you like them…I got voted cutest pic’ of the week with the one of me on my back showing off my lovely tummy whilst sticking my tongue out! The things you have to do for a bit of attention, lol…

Day Thirty One - 18th March 2014

Prudence joined me (Sharona) and Dolly in the delights of kitten food today; she didn’t exactly fill up on it but managed a few morsels on her own, she actually spent more time grooming and cleaning herself after eating the little bit she did…Amadeus is the only one turning his nose up at the food in favour of Mums milk, though when you check the weights out below he must be getting the lions share!

We are all now starting to run and chase and the pitter patter of our dainty little paws can be heard.

As a litter we are just short of 2kg, we had a weigh in this morning, the results were:-

Prudence - 430g, Dolly - 450g, Sharona 460g and Amadeus 540g

Day Thirty - 17th March 2014

A few more firsts to tell you all about…

Amadeus was first to use the litter tray, he had the littlest of wees. Yesterday, Sharona (that’s me folks) was the first to have something to eat, today Dolly and I have had a little bit of kitten food mixed with some sardines, yummy. Prudence and Amadeus aren’t as interested in solids just yet and are still queuing up for what’s left of Mums “Milk-Bar”.

We now have access to the whole of the kittening room, it was a bit daunting at first, Mum is extremely vocal when she wants us back in the bed though!

They have added new photos to the gallery today, they were taken a couple of days ago…hope you like them.

Day Twenty Five - 12th March 2014

At the risk of repeating myself…Dolly has been first at most things so far, today was no exception as she was first to lap some water; I say lap, but it was more like she was first to dunk her head in the bowl, then splutter to get the water back down her nose, all looked very cute though.

Amadeus joined Dolly outside of the bed today too, Prudence and I (Sharona) just watched on; we Orientals seem take more heed of what Mum wants unlike the two Siamese, what are they like…

Day Twenty Two - 9th March 2014

Hi all, we have all had a great week and are now really finding our feet…and making a run for it.

Dolly was the first to climb out of the bed, but now we are all following in her footsteps, looks like the  box will be removed in the next couple of days to allow us more freedom; not sure if Mum will like that too much as she loves to have us close.

I’m (Sharona) leading the way with regards to self-grooming, I have started washing myself, I look so cute washing my own paws, they have yet to catch me doing it on camera, but they are getting closer…not sure they realise I know what their plan is and always stop seconds before they click the camera, lol.

We have had a weigh in and as a collective we are well over a kilo of kittens now:- Dolly is 320g, Sharona 320g, Prudence 320g and Amadeus tops the scales at 375g.

We had a really fun photo session and hope you like all the new photos.

Day Fifteen - 2nd March 2014

Thanks to everyone that has been in touch and making enquiries, it’s nice to be popular, lol.

We have all had our first pedicure and manicure, some of us were more accepting of the procedure, Dolly shouted all the way through the few minutes it took to do hers, the rest of us were a bit more sedate and took it in our stride…

We are all up and at ‘em at every opportunity and we all stand to attention on our front paws when they come in to us; our legs wobble a bit, but we have heard them say how cute we look.

They took a lot of photos yesterday; they took 100’s to get the few that are in the gallery above so hope you like them; we haven’t quite got the “keep still” command mastered as yet, but pleased that there are some photos that weren’t blurry.

Day Ten - 25th February 2014

They have added a few photos of Prudence to the gallery today, she was lay on her back and dreaming…not sure what she was dreaming about but she was hissing in her sleep, lol… All our ears are almost completely unfurled too, Dolly made a right old racket at the sound of their voices earlier.

We also had a weigh in today: Amadeus is 220g, Prudence 205g, Dolly 200g and I’m (Sharona) 185g.

Day Six - 21st February 2014

As suspected, the sex change fairy paid us a visit and all we have to say is “Hello Dolly”. Thanks to all those on FB and the WWW who helped sort out who was who!

Amadeus and Dolly look like Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese today as their noses have begun to colour in, they will look a lot like our Daddy (Tetley).

Prudence and I (Sharona) have parted with our cords and we all now have our eyes open, they hope to take a few more photos of us all “wide-eyed” over the next few days…

They have added a few photos of Dolly to the Gallery above in honour of the sex change fairy visiting…

We have had a weigh-in today too:- Dolly = 150g / Sharona = 140g / Amadeus = 175g / Prudence = 160g

Day Five - 20th February 2014

An unusual day to say the least, on a number of occasions we have had all our tails lifted up and photos of our bits taken; there are questions being asked over our sexuality…on a good note there have been a a good few photos taken whilst the quest has been going on.

Some lovely pix - hope you like…

Day Three - 18th February 2014

A good night had by all, up and at ‘em quite early though…whilst Mum had her feast of a breakfast they quickly nipped in and took some photos, there isn’t many and they didn’t want to split us up, so only group hug pix for now.

It wasn’t long before Mum was back in and had started our grooming treatment for the day.

Hope you like the pix, I’m sure there will be many more…

Day Two - 17th February 2014

Taylor, our wonderful mum was brilliant during the nine hours labour which it took to deliver us - Mack, Sharona, Amadeus and Prue.

The litter have unanimously decided that as I (Sharona) am the noisiest, especially when it comes to letting Mum know we want feeding, will be the author of the “Song” litter blog.

We are all doing well and mum has cleaned us all up a treat; we have all been feeding nicely and are looking forward to having our photographs posted on our blog page very soon; they are giving us some time to settle in before our first photo shoot.

Breaking news today on day two is that Sharona has opened her eyes already, just like her namesake it looks like she is going to be a little bit nosey, lol… hope she won’t mind me saying that?

Please check back here regularly to keep up to date on our progress and see our first photographs…watch this space.

CLICK HERE to see how we are all getting on in our new homes…