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“Kittens Make The World Go Round”

Our Other Cats...


Breed: Sphynx, Colour: White, Eyes: Blue, Born:17 December 2012

Victoria came to us early 2013, we had searched everywhere for a blue eyed white Sphynx so when we had a recommendation of a breeder who had one kitten fitting all our requirements we were delighted, she was delivered to us by her breeder Carole Langham of Alnakeed from Scotland.

We are so grateful to Carole for this little beauty, she has such a personality and she soon made friends with all the others, she is obsessed by Paris and Isaks long fur and loves to give them a massage combing her paws through their coats, then she nuzzles into them with her face.

She loves a fuss and craves attention, she enjoys her bath in the sink too (the cats do have their own sink in their grooming room) I often get covered in soap suds when I am bent down cleaning their litter trays as she plays in the washing up water which I have just cleaned their dishes in lol.

She loves to play in the big bath with her toys. Everyone loves Victoria and she soon became known to thousands when she featured in the Your Cat magazine with a write up about her.


Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat, Colour: Silver Tabby, Eyes: Green, Born: 14 October 2008

Isak is our gentle giant of the gang, he is our Norwegian Forest cat and weighs in at 19 lbs, he loves a cuddle and a tummy rub he also enjoys a quiet life and is often found sleeping in a quieter part of the house away from the more agile Siamese and Orientals.

Isak has been a bit of a traveller, he knows more of Britain than we do, he started off in life with his breeder in Scotland, left for his first home in London, sadly for him it did not work out so he went to stay with his breeders friend in Milton Keynes until his “Forever Home” was here he is and here he will stay, the only boy in the cat family and loved by all the girls…

Although neutered he still tries his best to please the breeding girls with their advances.      


Breed: Maine Coon, Colour: Brown Classic Tabby & White. Eyes: Green, Born: 21 November 2004

Paris is our Maine Coon, she joined us when she retired from breeding at the age of four.

Paris is a cats cat, much preferring the company of other cats than that of us humans.

Paris has always been a nervous girl so imagine our excitement after four years of her being with us when she decided to sit next to us and have a cuddle for the very first time…

That was some achievement, she has loved a fuss ever since that day, although whenever we have visitors Paris will take herself off, only re-appearing when they have gone home.


You may hear the saying Norwegians are addictive or Persians are addictive etc, but to us all cats are addictive, hence the reason we have so many different breeds, we wont stop there either, one day I hope to add a Bengal and an Abyssinian to our group...not sure Kevin knows this but I am sure he will soften one day as he is as mad about cats as I am the moment though we are concentrating on our breeding programme.