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ORIENTAL - Frequently Asked Questions?

I've heard the Oriental being called "man-made?

Orientals are a man-made breed that originated in the 1950s in England. After World War II the number of breeders and breeding cats was reduced. Some of the remaining breeders became quite creative as they rebuilt their breeding programs. Many modern breeds developed from the crosses done at that time.

One such breed is the Oriental Shorthair/Longhair. Russian Blues, British Shorthairs, Abyssinians, and regular domestic cats were crossed to Siamese. The resulting cats were not pointed and were crossed back to Siamese. In surprisingly few generations, there were cats that were indistinguishable from Siamese in all ways except colour.

Is an Oriental loving?

Yes they are, the majority of Orientals are talkative cats, they will tell you about anything and everything and will definitely let you know if you aren't doing what they want you to be doing.

They aren't what you would consider laid back cats and can have really strong and distinctive personalities. It's imperative you do not let their fine bones and slender appearance fool you into thinking they are in any way placid; being so athletic and confident they can hold their own against much larger cats and dogs, and are often said to be the ones that rule the roost.

How about temperament?

Orientals are devoted to their owners and will crave their companionship. An Oriental will more than likely find favour with one particular member of the family and single them out for more attention than others, unlike the Havana they may even avoid visitors altogether. But they will love everyone in their "family", this will include other cats and animals too...

As with the Siamese and Havana, the Oriental does not thrive as well if they are an only cat.

Be prepared to give lots of attention as they do not like to be ignored.

These are not cats for people who have valuable ornaments out on display, they need to be locked up (that means your ornaments not the Orientals). The Oriental will not be content to sit still and pose, they will be a devoted companion, constantly on the go and be providing you with a constant

active focal point in any room.