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Extended Family...

Name: Pamuk aka Wendy Darling

Sex: Female

Breed: BSH

Colour: Silver Tipped

Name: Terry aka Tick Tock

Sex: Male

Breed: BSH

Colour: Golden Tipped


Rina Update - January 2017

Hi Sharon and Kevin

So glad they made you both laugh can you imagine the laughs she gives us. Oh my she's a treasure doesn't matter what she's doing it's so funny.oscar loves her cuddling up and keeping him warm. Life with these babies is wonderful I'd so much love more!!!!. Must keep on asking Roger until he's fed up with me !!!!

Love Lizzie & Roger

Harry (Shanksy) Update - December 2016

Harry is the most fantastic boy we have ever had. He is adorable, cute, loving, handsome, gentle natured, playful…I could go on forever.

Charlie and I are over the moon, our daughter and grand-children brought him lots of toys, they think he is fantastic. They played with him for ages yesterday and today he has been very sleepy; having said that he is running around like a loony at the moment! Lol.

Rocky is totally into Harry and is exhausted today…he only has to call and Rocky is there…the pic’ shows Harry sleeping on top of Rocky…beautiful

Thank you so much for our lovely boy.

Marj x

Bella Update - December 2016

Bella has settled in so well, she is so busy and is already the boss. We love her so much, thankyou for letting us bring her into our home

Claire x

Mungo now known as Loki - Update December 2016

He is crazy; he’s been up my curtains, wrecked all my Christmas cards and fights his blue blanket - he is so funny - he adores Bryce, they slept on the sofa together last night

Becky xx

Silla now known as Freya Update - December 2016

Freya is settling in really nicely, the boys are fine with her but Morgana is taking a little more time to come round. Thank you so much for our wonderful baby she is a credit to you both, a dear little soul who has us wrapped around her little paws.

Niki and Chris xx

Rina Update - 17th December 2016

How Rina has settled in is fabulous, she's so beautiful and lovely very loving.

Her tail is straight up when she struts her stuff around the house, yes she's been everywhere!!!. Oscar is only just accepting, Maya isn't seems scared!!. But both are going near her now with fewer hissing bouts!!

What amazes us is she's not at all bothered I would call her bomb proof !!!!! .

By the end of next week she'll own us 100%!!! .

Love and hugs xxxxxx

Harry Update - 17th December 2016

Great day!!!! He is a big hit! They all loved him as you can see! xxxxx


Name: Bella

Sex: Female

Breed: Siamese

Colour: Seal Tortie Point

Name: Mungo

Sex: Male

Breed: Siamese

Colour: Red Point

Name: Rina

Sex: Female

Breed: Siamese

Colour: Choc’ Point

Name: Shanksy aka Harry

Sex: Male

Breed: Oriental

Colour: Red

Name: Silla aka Freya

Sex: Female

Breed: Oriental

Colour: Black

Name: Teaser aka Suki

Sex: Female

Breed: Siamese

Colour: Seal Point


Terry Update - 20th January 2017

Hi Sharon & Kevin,

Hope you are both well and had a good christmas and new year, its been and gone so quick!

Terry's had lots of new toys from santa he's been very spoilt. He loves it when Jon makes a den for him out of the sofa cushions so santa brought him his very own den - a pop up tent! Haha! He loves it :)

We have him booked in on monday at the vets to be neutered. Bless him he has no idea whats coming his way.

I've attached some pictures for you :)

Love Charlotte & Jonathan xx

Terry Update - 13th November 2016

Hi Sharon & Kevin,

Hope you are both well

Terry is getting much bigger now he's growing into a very handsome cat! He has settled in with us really well, he is still enjoying his Nutriment raw food.

Terry had his check up at the vets yesterday, he is very popular there with the staff they all say he's a cutie!

Good news to see on your facebook page that the latest kittens have all found homes; I can't believe it's almost been 2 months see we collected Terry, it goes too quick!

Love Charlotte & Jonathan xx

Terry Update - 7th October 2016

Hi Sharon and Kevin

Terry has settled in right at home! 😊 He is a lovely little character always making us smile. He has been getting lots of fuss and cuddles! He loves playing with his toys, and you were right a simple toy to keep a cat entertained is a shoe lace he loves it! He is so loving and affectionate, he was licking Jonathans' face the other day (wether he was trying to tell him he needed a wash haha), and he likes to lick my hand and nibble on my fingers lol. He's been enjoying sitting on the window sill and watching the birds, he also likes it when we have the washing machine on he will just sit there and watch it.

He likes to sleep in a certain spot on my pillow and he'll stay there all night until we get up the next morning.

He has been really good with his litter trays he started using them straight away, not had any accidents so far. He really enjoys the natural instinct food, he eats it so quickly as soon as I put it out for him lol.

Charlotte and Jonothan


Pamuk Update - 16th January 2017

Dear Sharon and Kevin,

It feels like it has been ages since I last contacted you and a lot has happened in that time! I hope that you've had a fantastic start to the new year so far and that everyone in the household is doing well.

Pamuk's recovery is going really well, now. The vets did have to administer her an antibiotic because the swelling was going down at a snail's pace and they didn't want any complications to occur. It's been two weeks since that's happened and her fluff is growing back well and the swelling has gone down completely!

We've been experimenting with dry foods and natural formulas with little preservatives and toppings on her natural food. Pamuk's got quite a healthy appetite, thankfully. She eats pretty much everything we show her and makes it clear if there is something she won't particularly take to.

We had to buy her a new cat bed because she's grown too big for her doughnut bed and the radiator pipes run underneath the spot where her new spot is so she loves spending her nap time there. She's got the best spot in the house!

All in all it has been a wonderful journey with Pamuk so far. She's incredibly social when guests come over and had an amazing time when my friend KAtie came over and we played with her, on and off, for hours.

Best wishes for 2017,

Kardelen Ucar

Pamuk Update - 4th December 2016

Hi Sharon and Kevin

Pamuk has truly been a precious and amazing addition to our home and, as I'm typing this email, she's asleep on my bed for her scheduled afternoon nap. She always seems to fall asleep before bed time so I hate to have to wake her but then she'd miss her lunch if I didn't!

She's eating extremely well and she's quickly approaching 3kg! She's 2.8kg right now and the vet said she was perfectly healthy. Her eyes are healthy, her ears clean and her coat nice and plush. She even said her nose is really clean and we had a good laugh at that! We always clean her up with a cotton pad and she's doing a lot better when it comes to trimming her nails. We give her some treats after every session every three weeks to positively reinforce the behaviour and she's doing better than she was before.

Also, she's finally got some adult teeth through! She's growing so fast and getting to be so beautiful!

Pamuk Update - 18th October 2016

Pamuk has been keeping me entertained and entirely happy with how busy I've been!

She's eating well, using her litter trays and has managed to climb up to the very top of her cat tower! It's by the dining table (it encourages her to use the scratchers instead of going for the wooden furniture) and she perches at the top to watch me eat my breakfast everyday, wondering where hers is!

She went for her first ever vet check up with us yesterday! The vet said she was completely healthy and happy and we were so glad to hear that, knowing she's settled in so well at home.

She's taken to sleeping by my feet when I am working at my desk in my bedroom (there's a little alcove underneath the desk and she loves the privacy it provides) and when she wakes up, she starts pawing at my toes, trying to get my attention and I definitely can't say no!

Thank you so much for everything you've done for us,

Pamuk Update - 7th October 2016

Hi Sharon and Kevin

She's so playful and it's been amazing bonding with her all this time.

I know that, should we ever consider getting another cat, you'll be our first and foremost call. I could not have been more satisfied or pleased with the process and wish you the best with future prospective owners and the health of all of you cats.

On the Saturday that the guests came over she was hiding for about half an hour and then shot out from underneath the sofa to play with the string that I'd given to one of the guests. After that she started sniffing everyone's feet and we took her upstairs to my room where it's a lot quieter and she played for a good hour with the guests and then napped for two before waking up for her supper.

I also need to start brushing her teeth since she isn't eating any dry food that could help clean her teeth. You mentioned that you clean her teeth every other day, right? Once we go to the vet, we'll ask about and buy the Logic toothpaste and get to brushing the little one's teeth.

She's also been using both litter trays, now! She's gotten used to where they are and which one is which and it's quite funny to hear the pellets being kicked around and dug through even though we can't actually see her when she's using them.



Dec aka Rodney Update - 24th March 2017

Hi Sharon and Kevin

Everyone who has met him has fallen in love and can’t believe how friendly and laid back he is. If he is not having cuddles he is leaping around the living romm playing with Kat our chihuahua. He really is adorable and very distracting in a good way when I am working from home.

Dec aka Rodney Update - 11th March 2017

Hi Sharon and Kevin

Hope you are both well. Thought I'd sent you a quick update on Dec. He has settled in amazingly well. I've never known a kitten like it! He's soooo laid back and has taken everything in his stride! Him and Kat (my chihuahua) are best friends already! They tear around the house chasing each other! Joey isn't quite sure and I think needs a little more time. They have a little sniff of each other and Joey watches Dec with a beady eye. I'm sure they will be friends in the coming weeks. Decs eating and drinking well and not one toilet accident! He really does have an amazing character doesn't he! He loves a cuddle and can purr for England! His favourite thing at the moment is putting all his soft toys in his water bowl! Which is bizarre as my Havana used to do the same thing! He's currently curled on my shoulder having 40 winks!

Thank you again for letting me have him. He's already a huge part of the family. I will send some pictures over the next week.

Kim x

Mal aka Jasper Update - 11th March 2017

Hi Sharon and Kevin

We made it. Jasper had a good journey, he spent most of it on Lydia's knee asleep. Indie is not best pleased at the moment!! I'll send you a photo shortly, hopefully of both together... happy.


Lesley & Lydia xx

Cris aka Cuba Update - 11th March 2017

Hi Sharon and Kevin

Just a quick message to let you know we are home and settled. Cuba was fantastic on the way home and had turns with us all. Chloe says it is better than Christmas and Ellie-Mai said he is had best friend. He has already hissed at the dogs and put them in their place! They hadn't actually done anything wrong but he obviously thought he would get in first. Thank you so much for allowing us to have him.

Anna, James, Ieuan, Chloe and Ellie-Mai

Toby aka Ozzy Update - 10th March 2017

Hello Sharon and Kevin,

Toby settled in already with Harry!  They are besties!

Love Marj and Charlie xx


PERCY previously known as Han Solo

Percy Update - 5th October 2017

Hi Sharon and Kevin

Hope you are both keeping well and I'm sure busy with the new kittens.

As you can see Percy is coming on fine,Ursula might not do quantity but she sure does quality!

As you can see Mia and Percy are inseparable, it is so heart lifting to see. He has fitted in from day one, and as we now have 3 cats and one dog it has turned out better than I ever anticipated!.

Deborah and Brian x

The Hanna Barbera Litter

Freddie aka Boo Boo Update  - January 2017

Hi Sharon and Kevin

Here’s a couple of pics of Freddie. He’s absolutely gorgeous and such a playful thing. He follows us everywhere and loves eating!

Samatha and Rob

Penelope aka Tiggy Update - December 2017

Hi Sharon & Kevin,

Hope all well with you both.

Thought a video to show how well Penelope/ Tiggy has settled in would be nice for Christmas.

Our purring machine is doing beautifully. Eating well and growing like mad. Can’t believe we’ve only had her a few weeks.

We can’t say thankyou enough.

With lots of love,

Sam, Francois, Theo & Evexx


Peter and Rufus Update - 3rd December 2017

Hi Sharon and Kevin

We are home and the kittens are busy playing in their new room, i have attached a video below. We will keep you updated.

Amanda x


Benny Update - 4th December 2017

Hi Sharon and Kevin,

We have arrived home safely Benny is exploring, doesn't want to eat our use the loo at the moment we had a good journey thanks for everything, correction he's just had a nibble of food speak soon

Best wishes Marion and Bob xx


Penelope aka Tiggy Update - 3rd December 2017

Hi Sharon & Kevin,

Penelope charged around for about 3 hours, then had a little sleep. She’s now relaxing on the sofa. Not eaten much yet, but had a drink.

I’ll update again in next few days,

Love, Samxx


Boo Boo aka Freddie Update - 6th December 2017

He’s settled in beautifully! He’s eating well and playing. He’s had a nap this afternoon :)

Will keep you updated

Sam & Rob xx

Sam and Rob


The My Little Pony Litter

Mac Update - January  2018

Hi Sharon and Kevin

We thought you might like a little update on how Mac is doing.

He spends his day either cuddling or playing. He loves to play with balls, chasing them like a mad thing through the house.  Now he’s got used to where everything is he jumps and runs like any other kitten.

Mac is so affectionate, the most affectionate cat I’ve had in all my life.  Earlier today he was sitting on my shoulders, which is one of the places he really enjoys being, while I was cooking the tea.  He often sits up there for hours, while I go about my daily chores.  

He plays with the girls when they’re throwing paper balls for him to chase.   He will also from time to time sit on their laps when he wants to.  Jemima loves it – she’ll often say “knee, knee!” when she wants to cuddle.  It’s up to Mac if he wants to cuddle or not.  We make sure the girls know he’s not to be picked up and held.

Now Mac has woken from his slumber.   He’s trying to get on my laptop’s keyboard to steal it’s warmth.

Amusingly it’s an Apple laptop.  Just makes his name that bit more appropriate!  His eye is doing fine, you can almost see the colouring of his iris through the scarring now.  And his pupil in the centre too.

Although what’s obvious is the use of one eye is not holding him back any as I hope you can tell from this email.

Best wishes, Simon and family.

Star aka Tara-  Update - January  2018

Well its been a week since I left you I am settling in quite well in my new home plenty of toys to play with I am keeping my new owners on there toes running round and round  will keep in touch next week with a weigh in

love TARA

Twiggy aka Bella-  Update - January  2018

Bella was good slept for half the trip back. I think she she settling in okay .. she slept with Brooklyn last night ..and  exploring the house all last night and today.

She fell asleep with me on the couch today for about 2 hrs ( she is running about non stop ) .

She is an awesome little kitten. And yes very entertaining... half the day been getting cuddles and the other half running about 100 mph and playing with her toys .. and worth every penny x

Thank you again


Armie aka Beerus-  Update - January  2018

It’s very obvious how much time you spend with them. We love our Baby B so much. And he’s brought lots of laughter and made some of the oldies think they are kittens again.



Ron Update - June 2018

Ron shas taken to playing with us around the house by running and pouncing. If we crouch down and pretend to stalk hime he jumps at us! He’s such a cheeky character.

Jess x

Trixie Update - July 2018

They are all getting on fantastic and playing together, I’m absolutely amazed how it has turned out and really do appreciate all the advice.

Katrina Xxx

Hermione Update - June 2018

Hi Sharon just an update to let you know Hermione is doing wonderful.

She’s been staying and drinking her water and having lots of snuggles with me.

Laura x

Ron Update - June 2018

Ron seems very interested in our Iphones and ipad, if you are trying to write a message and he is sitting on your knee, he keeps touching the screens.

Ron has found his climbing paws too.

Trixie Update - June 2018

Trixie is a great little kitten all round

You have done a good job with her

Katrina Xxx

Myrtle Update - June 2018

Hi Sharon and Kevin

Lazy evening watching telly with my daddy

Lizzie x

Rita Update - June 2018

Hi Both

Rita has settled in lovely. No accidents, using the cat tray. Eating well.

Poppy is mothering her, and no more hissing at Herbie. Both sniffing each other and she sometimes jumps on him when he isn't looking!....

She is very playful and seems to have latched on to my 19 year old son who is very gentle with her.

We have changed her name to Luna and she is a gorgeous addition to our family so thank you very much.

Love Sophie x