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“Kittens Make The World Go Round”

All of our kittens will leave us no earlier than 13 weeks old, before which they will have been registered, fully health checked, wormed and have had their first and second vaccinations - the new owners of the kittens will receive a comprehensive "Kitten Pack" at the time of collection of their respective kitten.

We will operate with complete integrity and will take pride in breeding fully socialised and confident kittens.

We will expect all prospective owners of our kittens to sign a "Kitten - Point of Sale Agreement" prior to having any of our kittens; the agreement details our expectations for the future welfare of the kittens, we need to be assured that all the conditions of sale will be honoured by the prospective owners before the sale is completed.

Kitten - Notes & Availability...


The Trolls Litter

1) 5-Generation Pedigree Certificate

2) Vaccination Card: your kitten will have had their first and second vaccinations at 9 weeks and 12 weeks respectively

3) Micro-chip Registration

4) Kitten Blanket

5) GCCF Registration Certificate

6) Assorted books if available

7) Assorted Toys

8) Information leaflets and booklets

9) Food Samples

10) Litter Sample

11) Bottled Water

Not shown in image is the Certificate of Insurance that covers your kitten for 5 weeks from the date of collection - the insurance is from Agria, a company supported by the GCCF.

Kitten Pack:

All kittens from this litter are registered on the GCCF non-active registers

Green = Booked

Yellow = On-Hold

Red = Available

Blue = U/A

If you would like to express an interest in any kittens from this litter then please contact us by e-mail  to: or use the form on the Contact Us page.

Please Note: we do not take any deposits for kittens until they have been viewed when they are 6-8 weeks old.


Please Note:

Kitten Packs may vary but as a minimum will contain all necessary documents ...pedigree, registration, vaccination card etc

Funky and Guy are  AVAILABLE

Mandy is ON HOLD for Laura and Bert is ON HOLD for Mark

The Trolls Litter

All kittens from this litter are registered on the GCCF non-active registers

Bucky  (Black Oriental) is available

Harley is ON HOLD for Diane, Jess is ON HOLD for Pauline, Parker is ON HOLD for Sara and Ossie is ON HOLD for Candy