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“Kittens Make The World Go Round”

Taylors Kittens...

“The Fragrance Litter”

The Fragrance Litter arrived on 21st May 2013 - four of them...the proud parents were Taylor and Stenic Supersonic “Nic”...

Taylor started in labour early afternoon and started with contractions around 3pm, she had her first kitten at 4.30pm, second at 5.45pm, third at 6.55pm and fourth at 7.15pm

The kittens were all GCCF registered before going to their new homes.

The litter were all girls:

"Daintipawz White Linen" now known as Luna, Estee (Lauder) girl White Oriental now lives with Emma and Richard

"Daintipawz D'issey Florale" now known as Issey, Issey (Miyake) girl -Blue Point Siamese has joined Donna & Colin

"Daintipawz Blue Grass" now known as Honey, Lizzie (Elizabeth Arden) - girl - Blue Oriental is also with Donna & Colin

"Daintipawz Sui Fairy Dance" now known as Delilah, Anna (Sui) - girl - Lilac Point Siamese has moved in with Louise & Dave


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