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“Kittens Make The World Go Round”

Our Retirees...

TAYLOR: Shazamese White Diamonds

Taylor is our beautiful White Oriental girl.

Taylor, aka 'White Diamonds' is very vocal and is probably a good back-up for the alarm clock, should we ever fail to hear that we won't fail to hear Taylor calling to us to get up and get her breakfast sorted.

Once up and fed and having played with the toys, she loves a bit of fuss and a chat before she will settle off back to the "Land of Nod" for a little nap...

Taylor being as vocal as she is doesn't even stop the chatter when eating; she sometimes makes the "num num num" noise all the way through her meals.

Taylor our White Oriental who was born on the April 6th 2012 had her first litter of kittens on May 21 2013. Taylor is such a wonderful mum, she did really well rearing her maiden litter, she always puts her kittens first

The Song Litter, Taylors second litter, arrived on the 16th February 2014, we decided to keep Sharona from this litter, it will be lovely to see her grow up with Taylor… this is a first for us, it is such an exciting time.

Her third and last brood, the Doll litter arrived on the 6th March 2015…