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“Kittens Make The World Go Round”

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Leaving Days - 1st, 2nd, 3rd February 2014

We have now all flown the nest and are all now settling in our new homes; Jet is with Derek and Russ in London. Monica ‘n’ Tickle are with Gary and Liz in Leicester, Taz is with Kim and Glenn in Nottingham and  me (Tommy) am with Charles and Matt in London.

We all had leaving day photos with Sharon before going on our merry way, they know we will all be so happy in our new homes…

You can keep a check on our progress by going to the “Extended Family” page, we have all promised to keep in touch and send lots of photos.

Day 77 - 23rd January 2014

It’s been a busy time for us, we have had quite a few visitors,

friends and family. Grandson Alfie visited a few days ago with

his Mum and Dad (Lisa and Alan)… we all took to Alfie really quickly and soon took it in turns to spend a few minutes on his lap

having a cuddle and a stroke.

They have added a couple of photos of us with Alfie…

We had a couple of new toys too, they are “treat” balls, at first

we couldn’t work them out, they are almost as big as we are

and it takes a fair bit of strength to get them rolling, it was taking us a whole day to get all the treats out…we can now do it in

about 10 minutes.

They have been making up our “Kitten Packs” this week, there

are toys and books and a few treats. Our Registration Certificates

have all arrived from the GCCF and our Pedigree Certificates all

Printed. We will all have our last vaccinations and micro-chipping this time next week and then will all be ready to go to our new homes.

Day 68 - 14th January 2014

We had a photo session yesterday, hope you like the new pix…

Day 66 - 12th January 2014

We all got to meet Taz’s new Mummy and Daddy yesterday; to say Taz was excited to meet them would be an understatement…he fell in love with his new mummy and her woolly cardigan.

Taz will be moving in with his new Mummy and Daddy and his half brother and half sister - Noodle & Slinky.

Noodle and Slinky were from our mum Wispas first litter…

Day 63 - 9th January 2014

We’ve all been for our first vaccinations today and have had ears, eyes, teeth, heart and everywhere else you can imagine checked too, the vet confirmed we were the boys and girls they said we were lol.

We got some lovely comments from the vet and from all the assistants, some of which stopped what they were doing to come in and say hello to us, which was nice of them.

They were pleased with how well behaved we were too, Tickle growled a bit when she knew what was coming, but everything went fine and none of us seem any the worse for having the needle…

They did an official weigh-in at the vets too and I’m proud to say I’m (Tommy) still the biggest…I don’t eat any more than any of the others.

Tommy - 1025g,Taz - 980g, Tickle - 945g, Monica - 920g and my little brother Jet was 840g…

They have added quite a few more photos to the gallery above and are hoping to take a few more pix early next week, so please check back to see them when they are uploaded.

Day 55 - 1st January 2014

Happy New Year everyone, we are the Fireworks Litter as you know, but we weren’t that keen on the fireworks that were booming and banging last night…it all interrupted our beauty sleep. It did mean that we did get lots of cuddles at midnight and none of us seem the worse for wear this morning.

It’s been a busy week all round and we have had quite a few visitors this week; both Jet and myself (Tommy) got to meet our new families a few days ago and are looking forward to seeing our new homes in a few weeks time…it’s nice to know that we will both be living in London in February.

Monica, Tickle and Taz will be meeting their new families very soon too.

We have had a photo shoot today, really hope you like all the new pix.

Day 46 - 22nd December 2013

Hi all, sorry it’s been a few days since our last post but we have been so busy growing up. We are all eating for the “Orient” at the moment, we love our kitten food in jelly, love our RC baby “bikkies” and go mad for a little bit of home cooked chicken… Mum still allows us a 5 minute suckle now and again too.

We are all very respectful of each other when we are eating, we share a couple of plates and give each other enough space and time to all share in what is on offer, that’s with the exception of when Mum is on offer then it’s a bit of a scrum down!

Taz is named after a “Firework” as you know, but he could have been named after the “Tasmanian Devil”, he is like whirlwind, he can actually fly, he is scaling heights that none of us yet dare to…won’t be long before we get the “kitten tower” brought in to our room to play on.

We all like an early morning start to the day; so once again they are questioning whether they have converted the right room to a kitten room, our room is directly above their bedroom, so they can hear the pitter patter of “Daintipawz” from about 5.00 am, no real need for any alarm clocks.

Hope you like the “Christmas” pix…

Day 38 - 14th December 2013

Leading the way…that’s me (Tommy), I am the first of Team Fireworks to eat some kitten food, with only the littlest amount of encouragement I really got stuck in. All the others licked the little bit off their paws that had been strategically spread on them to get us started, but they left it at that and didn’t join me around the communal plate… they actually had to drag me away from it before I exploded, lol. Looking forward to the next meal later today.

We’ve been given the small climbers / scratch posts to play in/on/with now too; they are great fun; one has a very small “tunnel” through it and after a spurt of play you will find us all fast asleep  crammed one on top of each other, one big furry bundle.

Taz leads the way with regards to exploration; his name suits him as he really is a Daredevil… there isn’t anything he can’t climb up, even the inside of trouser legs aren’t much of a challenge to him.

We are hoping that they will be taking a few more photos tomorrow, so please check back to see them…

Day 27 - 3rd December 2013

We went to bed as kittens and woke up as Gremlins! Someone must have splashed some water on us…

It was 3.00 am when we all decided it was our first real playtime, it caused a bit of a stir… when they tucked us in the night before we just nuzzled up to Mum for a feed and went off to sleep, magically we all awoke at 3.00 am and set about waking the household.

We were running and chasing around Mum just looked stunned as did they when they came up to us to see what all the noise was about.

We have all seemed to grow-up overnight, they were so shocked.

They have taken some lovely photos of us today, hope you like them, but what’s not to like, lol…

Day 20 - 26th November 2013

Think we are all really finding our feet now; we made it over the walls of our basket, but it really upset Mum, she likes to have us close and escaping beyond the boundary line isn’t something she likes us to do as yet, but sure she will come around, either that or she will just get fed up of bringing us back all the time.

We all had our first manicures and pedicures the other day, think they are still recovering lol, not sure which one of us it was but we can say for sure that the “Fireworks Litter” left their mark…

Now that all our ears have unfurled we are all enjoying the sound of Radio 2 in our room; though some of us are still a little wobbly when we try to move too fast I’m sure we will be boogie”ing” on down to the tunes in next to no time.

We all had a weigh-in today and have a litter weight of well over 1.5 kilos now!

On the evidence I must admit it looks like me who is the one “eating all the pies”!

The weights: Tommy (me) = 360 grams / Taz = 330 grams / Tickle = 330 grams / Monica = 325 grams / Jet = 325 grams.

Heard them talking and it sounds like they will be taking some more photos over the next few days so please come back to see how we are all getting on; we are all lovely to look at even if I do say so myself.

Day 15 - 21st November 2013

We are just two weeks old now and  are growing before their very eyes, I’ve heard them say… We have now reached and returned from the outer boundaries of our basket, some of us have even attempted to scale the walls, no one has made it over the top yet but suspect it won’t be long and equally expect it will probably be Tickle that makes it first.

We have all had an early morning groom today; as soon as they have done their bit with lightly brushing our fur, Mum takes over for the more messy stuff lol.

As we have reached the two week marker we’ve had another weigh-in, don’t like to boast or anything, but I’m the biggest, so their vote of confidence to make me the spokes-kitten appears to be justified, though Monica is only a few grams behind me now… they say they couldn’t have picked a more apt name for Monica - “Screamin’ Demon”, she can certainly make a racket when she is trying to get mums attention. Taz likes to be “Top Cat” too, in his own way… and that way is that he sits on top of the rest of us.

They have also taken a few more photos and added them to the gallery, hope you like them? I’m in most of them lol!

The weights: a litter weight of well over 1 kilo now!

Tommy (me) = 275 grams / Taz = 250 grams / Tickle = 250 grams / Monica = 270 grams / Jet = 250 grams.

Day Seven - 13th November 2013

Stop the Press…Monica has lost her umbilical cord, it’s nowhere to be seen, so don’t know whether Mum has eaten it?

We had a weigh-in today: a litter weight of over 800 grammes!

Tommy (me) = 170 grams / Taz = 150 grams / Tickle = 150 grams / Monica = 175 grams / Jet = 175 grams.

Mine and Tommys nose pads have almost coloured in and Monica ‘n’ Tickles eyes have opened… must be a girl / boy thing; the girls want to see what is going on (maybe a bit nosey) and all us boys are too lazy to bother at the moment…

Day Six - 12th November 2013

Not quite sure it’s earth shattering news but the remains of our umbilical cords have fallen off today, that is with the exception of Monicas, she is wanting to hold on to hers for some reason? However, Monica looks like she will be the first to open her eyes, they are half-open at the minute.

Me and Tickle had a bit of a telling off earlier as we were caught climbing over the side of the basket, it’s only about 6 inches high but don’t suppose it’s a good idea when we can’t see where we are going yet.

Day Four - 10th November 2013

Mum is doing a great job for us, we certainly don’t need to make much of a fuss in order to get fed and we are groomed very regularly. They gave Mum a good wash and brush up this morning, she really enjoyed it, she even had her teeth cleaned, not sure any of us are looking forward to that too much.

Monica was hissing earlier, it sounded really cute

They took some lovely photos of us yesterday evening, the one of me(Tommy) with Mum is really nice, hope you like…

Day One - 7th November 2013

Our Mum, Wispa, did a great job in bringing us in to the world, a 6 hour labour to deliver the five of us was really good, she was very calm and collected and seemed to take it all in her stride and had us all cleaned up and ready to feed within minutes of each of our arrivals… should have said, as first to arrive I (Tommy) will be spokes-kitten for the litter.

They (our breeders) were there all through the delivery and were really pleased that we were such a variety of colours.

We hope you like our first few pix…

Wispas Kittens...

“The Fireworks Litter”

The Fireworks Litter arrived on the night of the 7th November 2013, five of them…

Wispa started in labour around 6.45pm and had her five kittens between 9.50pm and 12.20am.

The kittening room is on the third floor and just as Wispa was giving birth to the first kitten we could see the fireworks exploding in the night sky; the fireworks were a great backdrop and luckily for all of us they were more about the sparkle than the bang so they didn’t bother Wispa at all. After such a wonderful display by the fireworks and more so Wispa, we couldn’t do anything else but name the beautiful new kittens after some of the “rocket” names we had seen at the fireworks display...

The litter were made up of 3 boys and 2 girls:

"Atomic Tornado" aka Tommy

100g - boy - Black Oriental; Tommy was first to arrive at 9.50pm

"Razz Matazz" aka Taz

100g - boy - Havana; Taz, kitten # 2 arrived on the scene at 10.20pm

"Mystical Blaze" aka Tickle

100g - girl - Black Tortie Oriental; Tickle appeared at 10.40pm

"Screamin’ Demon" aka Monica

100g - girl - Chocolate Tortie Oriental; Monica popped out at 11.10pm

"Jet Screamer" aka Jet

95g - boy - Black Oriental; Jet last to arrive at 12.20am