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Gone but never forgotten...

WISPA: Fiordiliso Daintipawz

Wispa was our first Havana Breeding Queen; she had two gorgeous litters of kittens without any problems at all; she sailed through her pregnancies, delivered each litter with relative ease and had some very beautiful kittens, who are all thriving.

Wispa was due to give birth to her third litter towards the end of October 2014, but her waters broke a week early… she ended up having to have a c-section to deliver her litter.

One kitten didn’t make it, the other, “Chesney” is now thriving in his forever home which he shares with Nina aka Angel from Marys first litter.

Sadly Wispa developed some very serious complications after her operation, despite the best efforts of ourselves and the veterinary practice we had to say goodbye to her, it was a devastating time.

Wispa was sired by "JJ" of Fiordiliso, a GCCF Imperial Grand Champion; he was also the sire to our "Strictly" litter; Anton, Aliona and Flavia...

She may have been "Wispa" by name but in no way by character; she was very loud and very proud and it was our good fortune to have known her, she made such an impact. She was beautiful to look at and had the silkiest fur which was a very warm Havana brown in colour.

We even bought soft furnishings that matched her eye colour, and others that matched her fur, she was so gorgeous.

We will keep her photo galleries on our site for a little while, she has gone but will never be forgotten...

Below are the links to all the kittens that Wispa had; they have and continue to bring so much joy and happiness to all their owners.

R.I.P. Wispa, you will be missed so much x x