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“Kittens Make The World Go Round”

About Us


We are Sharon and Kevin Baldwin and live in Church Gresley, Swadlincote, South Derbyshire; we share our home with our cats and kittens...

This site is dedicated to our breeding queens, past and present.

Mary is a Chocolate Tortie Point Siamese from Xenia’s Bond Litter, she delivered her first litter on the 1st September 2015 and her second litter just over one year later on September 14th 2016 CLICK HERE.

We kept Karan from Mary’s maiden litter, her first litter of kittens arrived on the 11th December  2016, CLICK HERE

Ursula is our Silver Tipped British Shorthair, she delivered Han Solo in May 2017, CLICK HERE.

Our latest Queen is Cindy, she joined us towards the end of July 2016, she is such a character and is so playful,

CLICK HERE to read more about her. Her maiden litter the Hanna Barberas arrived on the 8th September 2017.

Taylor our White Oriental who was born on the April 6th 2012 had her first litter of kittens on May 21 2013. Taylor went on to have three beautiful litters and made a wonderful Mum, she worked really hard raising her kittens and always put them first, she is now enjoying her retirement CLICK HERE.

Xenia had a beautiful  maiden litter of kittens in 2014, she is now enjoying her early retirement. CLICK HERE to see her “Bond Litter”.

Sharona is our Caramel Tabby Oriental from Taylors Song Litter, she is such a live wire, she is a bit like “Tigger” as she bounces around the room as if she has springs on her feet. CLICK HERE.

We are now in our sixth year with our breeding plans, but should say that we have had many different breeds of cats in the thirty plus years that we have been actively involved in providing forever homes to cats and kittens that have been in need through no fault of their own.

That is not to say that we will not continue to offer a forever home to cats in need in the future but at the moment we will be concentrating on breeding beautiful British Shorthair, Siamese and Oriental kittens while taking care of our other cats too.

All in all, we have many years of experience between us of living with cats; in that time we have learned and studied just about every subject that deals with the lives of cats and how we integrate with them.

September 2017

Cindy ideliver ed her maiden litter “The Hanna Barbera Litter” on the 8th September 2017…


About “Our Other Cats”

Victoria is our blue-eyed White Sphynx. She is very loving and now rules the roost after joining us from Fife in Scotland.

Victoria has a nice wardrobe of knitted coats and jackets for travelling; she looks really cute in sky blue and pink.

Paris, is a  brown classic tabby with white Maine Coon, she will be 13 years old later this year. Until recently she only really liked her own company and only liked a bit of fuss at arms length; after being with us for eight years she now loves a little cuddle on the sofa.

Last but by no means least is our neutererd boy, Isak, a tabby Norwegian Forest Cat, who will be 9 years old later this year and currently weighs in at a very healthy 20 lbs.

Isak is a gentle giant and is everyone’s best friend, especially when they play rough and tumble and loves visitors to tickle his tum...

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October 2017

Karan has been to stud and if all goes to plan she will have her kittens at the end of October 2017


November 2017

Mary will go to Stud in early November 2017, fingers crossed…

Planned Matings…