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“Kittens Make The World Go Round”

Daintipawz Queens

Mary is expecting to deliver her next litter in mid-March 2018. All the kittens from this litter will be Orientals  in bot solid and tortie patterns of various colours which could include, Havana, Fawn, Lilac, Black,  Red and Cream., CLICK HERE to read more about her

The My Little Pony Litter continue to do well in their new Forever Homes. CLICK HERE to read more about them

The Hanna Barbera litter are now all settled in their Forever Homes CLICK HERE to see how they are doing

Ursula, will be retiring in the very near future

Suitable mates for Cindy and Karan are currently being sought and arranged, if all goes to plan they will have their next litters of kittens during Summer 2018

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Black Silver Classic Tabby British Shorthair

Cindy - MerryBoo Cindy Bear of Daintipawz

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We are now in to our eigth year of breeding, time has flown, it only seems like yesterday that Mia our first Siamese Queen was having her first litter...

We now have, Mary, who is a stunning Chocolate Tortie Point Siamese from Xenias litter, she had her second litter in September 2016, Karan, a Chocolate Point Siamese from Marys Designer Litter, she delivered her latest litter in October 2017 and Cindy our Black Silver Classic Tabby British Shorthair who was born in May 2016 and came to live with us in her forever home at the end of July 2016; Cindy had her first litter in early September 2017.

This website is devoted to Mary, Karan and Cindy as our current Queens and Taylor, Xenia, Ursula and Sharona as our retired Queens as well as Mia and Wispa who were our original breeding Queens and sadly both passed away over recent years. We have also made it our mission to be able to offer forever homes to other cats, we have included photos and profiles of Isak, Paris and Victoria that are here with us now.

We hope that you will come back to visit the site again and again, we will provide regular updates and information on new kitten litters and their progress, we will encourage all new owners of our kittens to keep in touch and send through as many photos as possible.

As we have kept Sharona, Mary and Karan from our own Queens litters you will be able to see their complete progress, as they have grown from kittens in to adulthood, if you visit the site regularly you will be able to share that journey with us.

It is our intention to make this site as informative as possible, so if you are visiting as part of your search for a kitten then we hope you will find everything that you are looking for.

If as readers of our site you have comments, questions or suggestions, we will always be willing to help where we can and we are always open to new ideas too, so please use our e-mail address to send them on...

The photos used on this site will be mostly our own, usually of our own cats and kittens, kittens that we have homed and bred, so please respect the fact that they are copyrighted to us. If we have used photographs that have been sent to us by others then we will note and reference the providers and those photographs will remain their property.

Sharon x

Planned Mating…
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Chocolate Tortie Point Siamese

Mary - Daintipawz Mary Goodnight

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Chocolate Point Siamese

Karan - Daintipawz Donna Karan

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Silver Tipped British Shorthair

Ursula - Chubbemup Notso Daintipawz

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My Little Pony

Hanna Barbera Litter

As a small UK hobby breeder our aim will always be to breed healthy British Shorthair, Siamese and Oriental kittens of good temperament with excellent pedigrees, with a well-balanced disposition and gentle nature.

All of our Queens; Mary, Karan, Ursula and Cindy will be fully health checked and "snap" tested for FIV and FeLV in the 24 hours prior to any potential mating. (we are fortunate as our vet is very interested in our breeding programme, so whilst waiting while the test is running we get a bit of extra time to consult with them on the health of our Queens, providing a more valuable visit.)

We will operate with complete integrity and will take pride in breeding fully socialised and confident kittens.

We will expect all prospective owners of our kittens to sign a "Kitten - Point of Sale Agreement" prior to having any of our kittens; the agreement details our expectations for the future welfare of the kittens, we need to be assured that all the conditions of sale will be honoured by the prospective owners before the sale is completed.

Mary, Karan and Ursula are GCCF registered, all of their kittens will be registered on the GCCF non-active register. Cindy is TICA registered, all her kittens will be registered on the TICA non-active register. All of our kittens will leave us no earlier than 13 weeks old, before which they will have been registered, fully health checked, wormed and have had their first and second vaccinations. The new owners of the kittens will receive a "Kitten Pack" at the time of collection of their respective kitten that will include all the relevant paperwork.